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Speed Up your Xperia Sola (works with all Xperia)

Posts: 5
Registered: ‎2012-12-25

Speed Up your Xperia Sola (works with all Xperia)

Hi my name is Nikhil Yadav and I want to tell you some of my custom settings which will Help XPERIA sola users who are running ICS and reporting that there fone is slowed down after update.

Firstly remove screen lock (from setting)

and shortcuts
(no need to remove tool, clock or weather widget)
Do not keep heavy widgets like Timescape or Photo Video gallery
disable glove mode (if you dont use it consistently)
install smart memory booster pro and customize its setting to craziest mode (use its on screen widget for quick boosts)
set back ground applications limit from settings developer options to maximum 2-4 applications
disable NFC when not in use
uninstall wothless apps ( the ones you've not used from long time)
Restart your fone before you leave your bed every morning

And you are done
and if you really wanna keep it as a smooth device Master reset it once in two three months ( b4 doing that just back ur data)

if you feel it is helpful try it and share it

People frequently report that Xperia sola is a worthless device but dude You've got "The Best Gadget On Earth"

My fone runs on battery for 16hrs (i like it)

It never looses network (well lot of people complain about that in forums)

Never lags silly (really wanna tease those people who complains that their SOLA lags)

Runs heavy games like NFS Mostwanted(2012), NFS Hot Pursuit, NFS Shift, Asphalt 7, Modern Combat etc

So if you've any questions about SOLA. just share it here

I m Running XPERIA sola ICS (6.1.1.B.1.54) [NOT ROOTED]

One time poster
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Registered: ‎2013-01-03

Re: Speed Up your Xperia Sola (works with all Xperia)

Hi Nikhil,

I couldn't agree more (I'm also using an unrooted sola ICS 6.1.1.B.1.54 and am very happy with it, including its battery life - it really hits a sweet point from the perspective of size, design and functionality/price).

There seem to be so many complaints about the device, and you do wonder what those users' expectations were in the first place when they bought a Sola. It does help to remember that

  1. It's a mid-range phone. If you need a specced-up smartphone-on-steriods, then buy one. There's loads of choice in that arena - also from Sony. Ultimately you get what you pay for.
  2. It's an Android. It's open, and there's great scope to tune the device according to your needs - even without rooting it. It might be provocative to say this but I suspect that a lot of dissatisfied users might be more comfortable with an iPhone, where most of the choices are already made for you.

To your list of optimisations I would add:

  • selectively disabling some of the preinstalled apps that you never use (settings>apps>all) - this really does free up a lot of memory, and reduces the number of apps running in the background
  • using extended standby mode (settings>power management) - this brings a massive improvement in battery life.

Your tip that was new to me was "set back ground applications limit from settings developer options to maximum 2-4 applications". I love this - it gave a huge increase in the available memory - with reduced lag on the UI. The only downside is that this seems to revert to a default setting every time the device is restarted. I'd love to know if there is any way to set this permanently. (perhaps using Tasker).

Posts: 5
Registered: ‎2012-12-25

Re: Speed Up your Xperia Sola (works with all Xperia)

Well thanx for your reply I loved to read it but ya I wanna clear out some of you  and other complaining users doubt.

Firstly i bought this phone because i was able to afford this fone only and it is my first fone so I really respect it more than anything smile happy

And ya one more thing iPhone can never be a choice over an Xperia .

Well we've floating touch many apps like PicsArt, WebKit, Opera and other apps support this feature even without enabling Glove mode (i think u know that).

We've android way much better than iOS (well I m making this comparision on the basis of the experience i had with my Uncle's fresh out of box iPhone 5).

We are way much stylish.

Now reply to your points

This fone IS a specced up fone coz it never lags not even while running really high spec games. And i've already told u i bought this because i afforded this only. smile happy

People who feel comfortable with an iPhone really you don't have any right to use an XPERIA. I know the differences and iPhone is nothing in front of Xperia. Its not even stylish like Xperia devices

I didn't added those settings because they are too general to be Shared

Lastly i checked what you said that the by itselves revert settings well its not happening in my case. So i really don't know how to help you with that one.

(u know what.. thats actually a problem with my fone that it is not reverting these setting because generally it gets reverted in all the androids. so i m sorry but i LOVE it love)

And ya are u using McFee plz uninstall it better instal AVG pro Or avast! its really a devil for our fone devil

And plz use Smart memory booster pro (it free up ram effectively)

Would like to get your reply on this

And ya if you are still not satisfied by what i m saying and all other sola Users are still feeling laggy then i think SONY PACKED A BETTER VERSION OF SOLA FOR MEplus (just saying) laugh

Posts: 2
Registered: ‎2012-10-04

Re: Speed Up your Xperia Sola (works with all Xperia)

thank you nikhil, for the tips.

after reading your post, i tried it, and it works. my phone lags only after the latest update (it was fine before). I believe what really helps is limiting background process. I went through developer options many times before, but never noticed that option. before this, available RAM were always below 100mb, but now after setting the limits, i have at least 110mb. But the background limits does resets itself after every restart.

Sola is not a worthless device. it's the best phone in the world. Yes it's not perfect, but it is a mid range phone. can't expect it to run like S3.

As for battery life, it can easily last the whole day. Even so, i make it a habit to charge it every chance i get. a lot of people, for some strange reason, like to wait until the battery were almost dead before they start charging their phone. perhaps these are the same people complaining about battery life?

You and I, nikhil, are just the lucky few who gets our hands on a working phone. I suspect that there are faulty sola out there. Sony should look into this.

One time poster
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎2013-01-07

Re: Speed Up your Xperia Sola (works with all Xperia)

If you limit applications in background then you actually don't need smart memory booster.

However, my question is how do I do master reset and what it does?

Thank you in advance!

Posts: 5
Registered: ‎2012-12-25

Re: Speed Up your Xperia Sola (works with all Xperia)

No you can't just limit the process and hope that your fone will work like dream but if u add a touch of memory booster it will perform at its best.
Well master reset makes your fone work just like I use to work when it was unboxed for the first time. And u will loose all your apps except the which came with fone. But dont wory you can make back up of all ur apps and contacts. You can find backup and restore in settings

One time poster
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎2013-01-18

Re: Speed Up your Xperia Sola (works with all Xperia)

i expected less from xperia sola but after i got it i loved it i didnt expect it could handle games like Modern combat, dead trigger and GTA but temple run seems to be playing up i think its a bug but other than that i never had a single problem with my phone i actually think this phone is as good as the samsung galaxy s2 or s3                                 

i dont know what more i really want from my phone

One time poster
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎2013-05-26

Re: Speed Up your Xperia Sola (works with all Xperia)

my phone still slow . please help me .

my english so bad . hehehe

One time poster
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎2013-01-07

Re: Speed Up your Xperia Sola (works with all Xperia)

I still have same phone, works like a charm!

Just never overload your RAM (no widgets, no live wallpaper, no too many unnecessary processes in background), clean cashe after a while with one of this


(I use them both)

Leave some space on your phone memory. Your phone needs it because of cashe that apps made.

Too bad that it's impossible to install apps on external memory card. That's only problem I have, but it's not big deal :smileywink:

Posts: 15
Registered: ‎2012-11-10

Re: Speed Up your Xperia Sola (works with all Xperia)

my sola run very fast with gingerbread 2.3.7 is very stable . no update to ics !!! y love this phone.