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Sony Xperia Z Ultra Touchscreen Problems

Posts: 3
Registered: ‎2013-09-27

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Touchscreen Problems

Well so after my Z Ultra completely died on me after four days of use, I've finally received a replacement today....


However, I have now encountered another problem. The touchscreen on this new Z Ultra is extremely unreliable! It frequently recognises swipes as taps. In fact I can very reliably reproduce this by just swiping up and down a few times on any application, and it will frequently recognise every few swipes as a tap. Obviously this is highly irritating! However, is it irritating enough for me to send the phone back from the UK to Singapore again (I spent GBP200+ on delivery + taxes the last time..)


This does not seem to be a widespread issue, as the one of the only other reports I've managed to find on it was on PocketNow's review here


Argh Sony why all these problems?! Other than these bugs and problems, I love this phone, but obviously there's something wrong with your quality control... how can you expect to become world no. 3 like this?!?


And yes I am running the latest 14.1.B.1.532 software


My previous thread on the dead Z Ultra is here

Posts: 3
Registered: ‎2013-09-27

Re: Sony Xperia Z Ultra Touchscreen Problems

Well I just went to check on my phone and for some reason it was off and I couldn't turn it on... =s


I plugged it into the charger and then the screen came on, and then after that I was able to turn the phone on...


Dear goodness this does not bode well though... I have a feeling Sony is going to have a very high return rate on this phone model... 

Posts: 24
Registered: ‎2012-07-18

Re: Sony Xperia Z Ultra Touchscreen Problems

Are you using the original charger that came with Ultra?

and the screen problem occurs while charging?


I notice the screen is very sensitive to electrostatic residue, meaning the screen may go weird if you are using it while charging. So touch some metal to release the static may help to solve the problem.



Posts: 9
Registered: ‎2013-09-13

Re: Sony Xperia Z Ultra Touchscreen Problems

I think you are right about the static electricity. I do tend to leave my phone plugged in a lot of the time via USB to my laptop


It seems that the touchscreen on the Z Ultra is ultra sensitive, probably to allow it to work with pens and pencils. I've noticed that I can press buttons simply by hovering my finger close to the touchscreen surface but not touching it. This commonly happens, in rapid succession, when I hover my finger over the "back" button.