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Sony Ericsson issues with battery while navigating and hotmail

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Message 1 of 2

Sony Ericsson issues with battery while navigating and hotmail

Hi Guys

I have been using my Experia X10 and love my phone - good looking, smart, good camera, barrring a few issues which I would like your help on please.

1) When using Metroview (Aussie navigation app) and also other navigation apps like VLingo etc, while having the battery charged in the car. The battery is not able to keep up the level of charge and in fact steadily declines right down to almost zero, until I am forced to switch off using navigation. This makes the navigation apps useless on a long trip, simply because the phone battery cannot support the power usage of the navigation apps even though the battery is being charged. What is the solution to this please ???!!!!

2) I use hotmail and not able to view my messages that I have moved to foders that I have created for my own reference on the android hotmail app. How do I get to use the app just like I would on my computer please???!!!

I am using  android gingerbread 2.3.3 software and look forward to your comments help with regard to the above issues please.



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Re: Sony Ericsson issues with battery while navigating and hotmail

Welcome to the forum. smile happy

1. The car charger delivers less power than the standard wall socket dito and it is actually possible to use apps that are using more power than what the car charger gives. Unfortunately there's nothing to do about this (unless you can find other apps).

2. Have you tried using another app for emails? Have a look at K-9 Mail. I've never used Hotmail with this app but my Gmail account got pretty much more advanced compared to the default app. It's available in Play Store. Give it a try. smile happy