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Sony Bridge for Mac Photo Error and Delete

One time poster
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Sony Bridge for Mac Photo Error and Delete

I used the Sony Bridge for Mac to transfer photos from my Sony Xperia T to iPhotos on my Macbook Pro.  I have done this before and it has worked and I tried it again this evening and it worked.  However, the last time I tried this I got an error message (sorry - didn't copy it down) and then all of the photos from my phone were deleted.  I was only trying to upload a selection so I am not sure why this happened.  The photos were on my internal storage rather than a SD card.


Can anyone let me know how I might be able to get my photos back?  I was trying to back them up so that I didn't lose them.  It's infuriating.

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Re: Sony Bridge for Mac Photo Error and Delete

Hi Harlequin,


I apologize for the late answer. I will ask the development crew if there's any way to get your photos back. 


Best Regards,



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Re: Sony Bridge for Mac Photo Error and Delete

I too have the same issue ( almost ).  I just took some great photos and 4k video of my 12 week old daughter having her first swim, I rushed home, plugged my Xperia Z3 into my mac, ran bridge and chose the option 'import photos' and chose to import into Iphoto.  I then deleted the originals, stupidly not bothering to check if the photos had correctly imported.


Bridge told me that the photos and mp4's had imported, but they are nowhere to be found, I had swept the mac and its external hdd for the photos and I can find no trace, I fear that these files have been lost forever !


This sort of thing was always mega reliable when using my old iphone, you could just rely on apple software and hardware to work.


I will certainly have to be far more careful when using my Xperia Z3 in future and rely on it less to do the right thing at the right time.


This is such a shame, as I otherwise love the phone, but I depend so much on my mobile device to record important memories.


Is there a way of undeleting the files from my Xperia Z3 ?


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Re: Sony Bridge for Mac Photo Error and Delete

Hi AntonyBaker!


Sorry for your loss of the photos.


It might be away to find them.


If the problem was with iPhoto

Try this:


In Finder, select "Go->Go to Folder"
- Paste ~/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Auto Import in the dialog and press "Go"
- Check if the images are there


You can also try this but it can be a little tricky

- In Finder, select "Go->Go to Folder"
- Paste /var/folders/ in the dialog and press "Go"
- Here is the problem - there may be a lot of folders and subfolders here, and I don't know where "our (sonymobile.bridgeformac)" folder is. You have to look for a folder named "com.sonymobile.bridgeformac" and in that folder there is a "camera" folder that may still contain your pictures if you are lucky. But it may be placed several folders down.

For example my path is "/var/folders/xy/n_n7z4n52m35hz6y13ssvm_h0000gp/T/com.sonymobile.bridgeformac"

(but it won't be the same for you I guess)


Hope you find your pictures.


Best regards




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Re: Sony Bridge for Mac Photo Error and Delete

Hello Fredrik


Thank you for taking the time to reply.


I found the folder that you were referring to in :




Unfortunately this was empty.


Now I am really concerned that I will not have a secure way to copy off my movies and pictures to the safety of my archive safely without avoiding complete losses in the future.


many thanks