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Some Feedback

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Message 1 of 3

Some Feedback

Hello everybody,


I have some feedbacks for the C5 Ultra. Hopefully someone will listen or direct me to the right place to provide such kind of feedbacks.


Basically, after the 5.1 update the entire device feels smoother and more stable! Big kudos to Sony but what is most important is that I am able to see how in the Kernel (build.prop never lie) and thanks to some "system apps" that are hidden (but that you can launch using a shortcut creator app) I discovered that the device is really and greatly capable of supporting "air" and other kind of gestures.


Specifically, all the super-mid range and high end line of MTK processors includes a low-energy dedicates sensor processing called "SmartHub" and can launch tasks thanks to "Smart Motion". Both apps are present but hidden inside the C5 Ultra.


Basically SmartHub is able to support the following "non standard" set of sensors:


  • Gesture-WakeUp
  • In Pocket
  • Shake
  • Pick Up
  • Face Down


Accoding to "Smart Motion" the device is also capable to manage the following actions that are however NOT enabled by default in the device and at each reboot they get disabled:


Quick Answer: Bring the device close to your ear to answer an incoming call;

Easy Reject: Shake the device to reject an incoming call;

Smart Silent: Turn the device to face down to silencing current incoming call ringtone;


Plus the following undescribed actions:


  • In Pocket: In pocket detection;
  • Pedometer: To enable or disable pedometer;
  • User Activity: User Activity Detection (more on this below);
  • Significat Motion: Significant Motion Detection.

Now, speaking about User Activity. Apparently the SmartHub is able to manage the following situations:


  • In vehicle;
  • On Bike;
  • On foot;
  • Still;
  • Unknownl;
  • Tilt.


By testing for 72hrs the capabilities of the device thanks to the two mentioned hidden apps, I found that all the sensor hub system is really "low power" as I got almost the same battery usage (maybe a 2% of battery life difference) so my question is, if the MTK has that great system in place, why not using it to offer air gesture to the device? The device will acquire a great value and sales will spike!

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Wizardry is the key!
Sony Xperia Support
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Message 2 of 3

Re: Some Feedback

Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear that you like the new update Slightly smiling Face


I'm afraid i don't know if the hardware can support all of these features. The specification i have only mentions these sensors in the phone:


Ambient light sensor


Hall sensor

Proximity sensor



I will forward your feedback on this internally.

sony_sign_logo.png - Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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Message 3 of 3

Re: Some Feedback

Thank you @Rickard, I can confirm that the sensors I specified in the original post are present and working, hopefully Sony will do something, no rush... probably they could add features in the next Marshmallow release but again... no rush!

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Wizardry is the key!