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Severe Battery Drainage

One time poster
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Severe Battery Drainage

I have had my Xperia Z for a week and I find the battery life to be terrible. I have activated all battery preserving features and turned down the brightness, Autosync OFF, Facebook for Xperia OFF but it only seems to last 6-8 hours whilst using Whatsapp? Is this normal?

My battery is melting, even during the night, and I have the  "" active in the power management menu with  56% battery usage (screen 22%).

Could this be the cause?

Is there a way of stopping it?

Please advise...

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Re: Severe Battery Drainage

I think you need to start over - either do an update repair using PCC or try a factory reset

You can do a factory reset by going into settings - backup & reset - erase all data

Make a backup to your Ext SD card first under tools or PC Companion backup- remove the SD card before performing the reset and don't insert it until you have tried the phone for a few days

I think you have enabled something while playing with your new phone

The above should sort it

Also remove antivirus - task managers - memory managers - in fact any utility you have installed - most cause problems and are not needed

hope this gets you back on track

if you want to know about battery and power options do a search on the forum there are lots of threads and lots of info

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Re: Severe Battery Drainage

Battery report today: 13% after 11 hours of use

4 hours of LTE browsing (About 15% per hour, which is very impressive compared to iPhone 5 and galaxy s iii and both of them drains 20% per hour in LTE browsing)

0.5 hours of temple run 2

0.5 hours of Traffic Panic 3D (I know, but that's what I play. Lame games)

Traffic panic is a very heavy game and my old phone (Xperia Neo V) SWITCHES OFF while running this game. It is also very battery consuming

5 hours of phone off

1 hour of phone standby with internet and wifi on but wifi is not connected (I accidentally left that on)

No complains. Very good batttery life. Lasted from 7:00 till 18:00. More impressive than many other phones.

I suggest you maybe turn off internet when not in use. That saves a heck lot of battery. Whatsapp is using internet. Most phones won't last 5 hours of internet browsing. 6-8 hours is pretty beast. If that is still not enough for you, get a portable charger. That would help.