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Redefining Sony Miro with update 11.0.A.5.5

One time poster
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Redefining Sony Miro with update 11.0.A.5.5

After having some problem while updating it, I finally got the 11.0.A.5.5 update few days back. I must say this update is good, but, here I will discuss some new features and -ve points.

Sony didn't mentioned anything what's new in this update. So I've to find it myself, but Sony must mention the features and tell people what's new with all the released updates. However, here it goes form my side.

New features:

1. The new Build number -

2. Got the SMS counter

SMS counter Miro

3. Now the bottom LED light changes color with the image -



4. The background color and the LED light changes color with the most bright part of the album art on Walkman app.

5. The Radio sound is much more louder now (it seems so).

6. The Loudspeaker for call is louder too (it seems so).

7. Wifi seems to be faster.

8. If you have added your address on Myself under contact and if clicked (touched) to view it on Google Maps, it used to crash. It's now fixed.

9. Camera seems better on low light with flash on. Metering seems better.

9. What else have you find out?

Some ve points are:

1. I've read it here (or some where else) that this update is bit laggy. However, this phone is not for heavy multitasking but I'm playing Nun Attack without any lag but Dead Trigger is bit laggy (previously too). So I ran Quadrant for 3 times and the results are as follows:

  • 1st run it scrod 1654
  • 2nd 1589 (or something)
  • 3rd 1715 (impressive)

Sony Miro Quadrant score

But the question is, why so much differences between the scores? Is this update laggy?

2. Problem with bottom LED light - I've told that it changes color with the image but it seems that it's not so brilliant to recognize the color green even if its the dominant color of a scenery with many trees.

3. I don't know if this happened to anyone else but the Power Saver app sometime fails to start even if the battery level is under the recommended settings.

4. Wish if the call log has stored calls for at least last 30 days.

5. Camera seems better on low light with flash but still its dark w/o flash. Hope there's an ISO setting (manual or auto).

6. What else have you find out?

Overall, this update is good and must say that this update redefined Miro.

To this forum moderators/support, please forward the cons to the dev team. By the way, any news on JB? It was said that 2011 models will not get JB but this phone is a 2012 model. I hope that the dev team releases an official update (Sony/XDA).

One time poster
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Message 2 of 4

Re: Redefining Sony Miro with update 11.0.A.5.5

Many thanks for this post. I've updated today. (In UK)

The flash no longer over exposes/whites out the picture now, which is great, as this was a big issue in using it. Yes, it really does need manual ISO settings though.

The radio still does not work on mine. It just receives interferrence as before.

One time poster
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Re: Redefining Sony Miro with update 11.0.A.5.5

Updated to 11.0.A.5.5 yesterday via a PC (350+Mb). On first use after the update my phone contact list and numbers had been deleted and replaced by my PC contact list (used mainly for email not phone contact).

My action to fix this by deleting the unwanted PC based contacts and re-entering my phone contacts ran into another problem that the Contact display list filter had been reset, so that my attempts to reenter my contacts phone data were not displayed. Hopefully I am now back at ground zero and can tediously rebuild my phone contacts.

Not a very user friendly experience Sony!, I will approach your next update with trepidation.

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Re: Redefining Sony Miro with update 11.0.A.5.5

Update to 11.0.A.5.5 OK here - no problems

Seems to have solved a problem I did have, where mobile data  failed to connect after moving away from a WiFi connection. I was having to switch to Airplane mode and back to re-establish mobile data connection. I have not had to do this since happy