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Random Videos Play Since Recent UK (EE) Update (Oct 2015)

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Message 1 of 5

Random Videos Play Since Recent UK (EE) Update (Oct 2015)

Since my wife received an update on her Z3 Compact her phone has started to play videos at random?


Todays random play list includes


  • Sanding down dents in cars
  • Bio Diesel


Neither of these things are even things that my wife would ever look at on her phone.


Even if the were, it is VERY concerning that this has started to happen, raising questions of secrity being compromised.


What is going on?

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Re: Random Videos Play Since Recent UK (EE) Update (Oct 2015)

Hi @Aloonatron


Please, boot your device into safe mode as explained here. If this issue is not present in this mode, that indicates a third party app is causing the problem. In this case exit Safe Mode and then un-install any third party apps you don't need and clear the cache/data for the apps you want to keep. I´m at disposal for any question.

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Re: Random Videos Play Since Recent UK (EE) Update (Oct 2015)


If same thing happens in safe mode, could you go to the dialer and enter: *#*#73556673#*#* to see if the retail demo is activated?

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Re: Random Videos Play Since Recent UK (EE) Update (Oct 2015)

OK, so I am sat with it now.


There is the sound of a video (I assume) telling me how to make bio diesel.


There are no apps running, I have closed all apps from Settings > apps > running.


only things left are smart connect and system apps.


This only started to happen after recent updare:







This is highly disturing, and blaiming thrid party apps is lame, when it's only started to happen after a Sony update.


You really expect me to unload an app, wait a day r, unload anotehr app, wait a daya or 2....?

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Message 5 of 5

Re: Random Videos Play Since Recent UK (EE) Update (Oct 2015)

By the way, it would be a really strage demo if that's what Sony decided to show of their device, but who knows.




Safe mode was really quite annoying, as it stops anything from working apart from basic Sony and Google Apps. So could not be used for that long, so maybe we'll have to wait for another time.


Oh, and when reverting to normal mode, all widgets had vanisehd and had to log back in to everything.




Will have to wait and see about safe mode, for a time when my wife doesn't need to use her phone.