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Problems with keyboard, theme and volume button!

One time poster
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Problems with keyboard, theme and volume button!

I've not had my phone for very long, maybe about a month, and its suddenly started having major issues with its keyboard. I will click in a text bar to type and the keyboard will take 30 seconds to load or won't even load at all! If I do manage to get the keyboard working sometimes I will tpye and the keyboard will just close, leaving me to wait for it to load again!

I've also had issues wiith the volume control, sometimes it just wont respond which is very strange. The final issue I've had is with the theme background and lock screen, sometimes they will just load as a black screen. I have been using an app called themer to change my backgrounds and themes, but it is also only showing black screens with the default.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Re: Problems with keyboard, theme and volume button!

Try performing a system repair using Pc Companion as this will often fix issues - This will factory reset your phone

Switch off your phone and unplug from Pc (Hold volume up and power for around 10 seconds)
Start PC Companion and select Support zone then Update my phone/tablet then in Blue Repair my phone/tablet and follow the onscreen instructions - When prompted connect your phone still switched off holding volume down or back button - This should start the repair or reformat process

If you are using Windows 8/8.1 or a 64bit operating system then adjust the settings for PC Companion and run in compatibility mode and chose Windows 7 or XP

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Re: Problems with keyboard, theme and volume button!

If PCC doesn't work Contact your local Xperia care

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