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Phone suddenly not having signal

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Message 1 of 4

Phone suddenly not having signal

I have my phone for 5 months. Never have i encountered this problem, probably few times but a little restarting fixes it. I'm not having signal at all.. It would say "No service" when you swipe down and check the status. The status symbol is a right triangle only without any bars.Im using the same sim card for 3 years. I tried inserting my sim card on different phone and it works on that other phone(nokia asha 210). Im not able to make/receive calls or text and get mobile data, not even our local emergeny number. When trying to make an outgoing call, it says "mobile network not available". Tried every possible setting changes on Settings>Mobile Networks. Chose different APN and network type. Deleted APN and recreating manually. Went to safe mode and ultra stamina mode, just to see if an app is doing this still no. Finally i master resetted the phone. Still not working.


Just to confirm if its really the phone, i inserted my friend's sim card on mine. The same problem.


My best guess is that its a hardware problem or i should try buying a new sim card.

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Re: Phone suddenly not having signal

Repair the phone with Sony PC Companion and see if you encounter the same problem.

Sony PC Companion
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Re: Phone suddenly not having signal

Thank you for the response. I downloaded the pc companion and installed it. Please be more specific on where to go or what to do about fixing my phone.

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Re: Phone suddenly not having signal

Some additional steps on running the repair:

Running the software repair on PC Companion:
1. Install and open PC Companion then select Support Zone.
2. Phone Software Update.
3. Start.
4. Repair Phone
5. Continue
6. Accept data removal
7. Next
8. Wait for prepare
9. Select Phone
10. Follow the connection steps

Running the software repair on Bridge for Mac:
1. Launch Bridge for MAC without the handset connected.
2. On the Main Window select "Xperia > Repair Xperia Device".
3. Ensure the phone is charged and select "Ok" in the following window.
4. Select Continue on the following page.
5. Wait until the initialising step is finished the continue as below.
6 . Select your model of phone from the list that appears
7. Follow the connection steps that appear, ensuring that you are holding the relevant button down before during and after the connection phase until the update/repair begins.