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Phone Idle Battery Drain

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Phone Idle Battery Drain

Hello Xperia Support,


I am here today with an issue that is becoming tiresome and frustrating. I am having excessive battery drain on my C5 Ultra handset when in idle or off. Phone is marketed to last for up to 2 days, I barely make it 14 hours sometimes doing absolutley nothing. Most days I take my phone off the charger for work after at 100% by the time 8 hours is done im at 20%. I read news on my phone for about 30 minutes of my shift with Flipgram. But Flipgram or no other apps including Android Wear show up in battery usage.


No app consumption

No Frequent Email Sync

No facebook



Only thing I use is Android Wear for my Sony Smartwatch 3, SMS and Flipgram.


Model Number: E5506

Android Version: 5.0

Processor Info: MT6752

Kernal Version: 3.10.61+

Build Number: 29.0.A.1.55


Can someone please help with this issue. The phone is literally like 2 weeks old but now its becoming a HUGE remorse. I have a Xperia M4 Aqua and that phone last about 2 days easily with a smaller battery.





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Re: Phone Idle Battery Drain

from what i observe


1) you have fair share of network signal (indicated by the orange color) though that is not necessarily a battery drainer

2.) your wifi is on most of the time. (while you are connected to a network (internet), background apps will sync or update making it consume battery at the background)

3.)can you scroll down a bit on the apps. it seems you still have more apps listed.

4.) since you said this a new phone, it might be still calibrating your battery usage.

5.) i assume your android wear is connected via bluetooth? which would still eat your battery even it you don't actually touch it.


the 2 days battery life ad has fine prints on it, so you should read more ,

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Re: Phone Idle Battery Drain



Thank you for taking the time to analyze the battery usage.


1) I have 5 bars of signal / LTE at my job and home (Excellent Signal)

2) I turn of Mobile Data if not being used (WiFi Mostly)

3) Any app below Android OS only used 1 - 4% which was Google, Facebook, Flipboard and Chrome

4) Phone is approx 3 weeks old being used

5) Android Wear yes Bluetooth, Android Wear nor Bluetooth show up nowhere on app consumption or app warnings.

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Re: Phone Idle Battery Drain



You can see that something kept your phone awake and the network coverage its not that good, all that add up to drain your battery. 

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