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New M4 keeps restarting

Message 11 of 15
Message 11 of 15

Re: New M4 keeps restarting

Through the Bridge (similar to PCC), I tried all three softwares called Xperia M4 Aqual Dual (why is it in the list 3 times?), but none worked.


I called Sonymobile and they (still) thought it was a software problem. I've sent the phone back to the shop (Pixmania) and they will replace it. So hopefully the next one will be OK.... At least the M4 looked and felt good, so I hope the next one will be fine.

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Message 12 of 15

Re: New M4 keeps restarting

It probably was a hardware problem.


I contacted the reseller (Pixmania) and they replaced the M4 in a few days. The new phone works properly. Very happy with what it does. Not much less than my previous iPhone at a much better price and water resistant (tested while windsurfing) and dual SIM!


@Uliwooly , thanks for the support!

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Re: New M4 keeps restarting



Great to hear that. 

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Message 14 of 15

M4 Aqua Keeps restarting

Hi all,

Sooooo, I purchased a brand new M4 Aqua 8g a month ago. 
After an hour or so i noticed the screen lighting up by itself and the Xperia logo, purple background etc....coming up, only thing is that i donn't have to enter my sim card pin when the screen comes back on.
Had a look at the diagnostic app thingy pre-installed and noticed 56 system incidents occured within an hour of starting it, remember it's brand new. 
At that time no apps installed on it, no contacts, pics etc, pretty much a virgin.

Tried to repair with PCC, reset, safe mode, updates etc, nothing worked.
Contact Sony Support Fr -----> send it to us
--->Got phone back 7 days later, nothing wrong with phone
----> Buy a new nano from provider, just in case the sim is faulty
-----> Same thing is happening, so definitely something wrong with phone
---->Not impressed

What to do now, since Sony reckons there's nothing wrong?

Inb4, I've tried everything from this forum and other ones to find out what's going on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially from Sony....

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Message 15 of 15

Re: M4 Aqua Keeps restarting

Its due to either software or hardware problem , even i was facing same issues with Sony M4 Aqua Dual E2363 (Indian Model) and tried replacing SIM , SD card but nothing worked. How can sony blame on Sim & SD card and its Sony responsibility to do a proper testing before releasing phones to market. Can you imagine how much frustrating for a user who paid 24K for phone and it keeps on restarting or shuts down abruptly. Finally i sold this phone on Reglobe and bought Moto g 3rd gen phone and using same SIM (with micro sim adapter) & SD card without any problems. Shame on Sony for cheating customers.