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Long Time No See - Xperia P Impressions

Message 1 of 3
Message 1 of 3

Long Time No See - Xperia P Impressions

My last SE device was a P800 in 2004 after being left alone with no updates because SE wanted P900 urgently to the market etc etc I swore not to buy another SE....

Until today, this time after 8  years I'm testing Sony....

Many things look not so good with Xperia P (from a personal view) and Many things are Unique and Hard to find in terms of specs and materials In a mid Range Device (according to specs sheet)

To be more Specific:

1.) After Unboxing and Charging  I connected Device with my laptop and I Only saw the (lousy) MTP mode....

I tried to move my collection of Pictures, Videos and Ringtones from previous device and It took me over 3 hours for a mere 5GB of data(!)

If some things that are STANDARD from day ONE for Android aren't accessible for everybody for Sony Iterations of Android then what's your position?

Where Is the USB Mass Storage Mode?

Will I have to spend 3 hours everytime to move data?

2) My Screen has Problem, In bottom right screen has a yellow hue, It's not fitted wee In the chassis and It's slighlty bended thus the pressure at that particular point produces that hue vivible only on high brightness(!)

The Device is not 24hours old and I have already a HW Issue...

and I may have to loose It for a couple of days at minimum in order to pass tech checks for DOA/Damaged.....

Never ever happened with another device (ACER, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Apple etc)

3) Camera Pictures Indoor ones with acceptable lights on the room have a lot of noise not what I expect from and Exmor R (BSI Sensor)

Photos from my Nexus One and Optimus 2x are less noisier, please DO consider optimizing camera software and compression of the final file because final results of the saved fire really are disappointing for a device as such!

4) Ringtone Speaker volume is BELOW medium and If LOUD feature is disabled then everybody must be quiet In order to be able to hear the ringtone...

even 2G Iphone wasn't THAT soft even my trusty N9 sounds LOUDER than Xperia P..... Really DO something because I really like to be able to wake up In time.....

I'm In NO way a Fanboy of NO ONE, I'm a fanboy of my pocket's €  and of good devices, Xperia P has potential but as you can see In te first 5hours I really don't see much...

Please DO somethind and fix those SW Issues USB Mass storage/Camera sw/Speaker volume levels-gain....

Sony Xperia Support
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Message 2 of 3

Re: Long Time No See - Xperia P Impressions

1. I tested to transfer a 1GB file both to phone and then back to the computer each transfer took about 2,5 minutes. I'm quite sure that the reason why it takes so long for you is the amount of files not the total size of all files. I think the speed of the transfer never reaches high speed because it needs start over with a new file all the time. I don't think there is no work around for this problem of yours.

2. I think you can find more information why here:

3. We're always working on improving all features in the phone in software updates, including the camera.

4. Thanks for this feedback I will pass it on.

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Message 3 of 3

Re: Long Time No See - Xperia P Impressions

Hello Johan and thanks for your Reply,

I took my time to answer as to check the overall standby time of the Device

I was delighted to find out that Device can make It It throught the day even with a 13xxMah Battery

When It comes to Photo shooting (without flash) and Intense Web surfing things tend to get worse and Device won't make It through the day....

Also I found (another) problem with the camera

I took In one set a total of 14~7 shots using various modes and Panorama shots

Whilst shooting I came up to the following problems

1. Device crashed camera app and rebooted unexpectedly

2. Device Crashed Camera app and denied the use of Camera until fore shutdown was Initiated

3. Camera app In some cases lost focus and was always displaying pictures out of focus and blurry pictures

Any ways

In response to your answers

1. Yes Indeed, It matters (and It matters a lot) on the number of files (the more you have, the slowers and time consuming It gets), there is a work around though Please DO reconsider enbling sthe STANDARD usb mass storage option, It's really not a matter of 'just me' but of the whole of the NXT family buyers...

(please take your time and accordingly execute a querry in google for usb mass storage using any of the NXT models)..

2. I already knew about this (frustrating) and hoping for a fix quite soon, my problem is HW though.. I can pinpoint It to you by posting you some pictures on this Issue..

3. The Strong Selling point of this device (and Xperia S) is the Exmor R sensor and I'm glad to be hearing your commitment on making the camera better and up to user expectations

4. thank you for your Commitment