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KItKat virtually killed GPS on xPeria E1

Message 11 of 13
Message 11 of 13

Re: KItKat virtually killed GPS on xPeria E1

Yes, I have no difference with or without SD card since I downgraded to 4.3. But anyway, locating the own GPS position with my E1 is not as fast as on other phones. Especially in difficult environments like inside my car surounded by buildings, it takes minutes sometimes.




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Message 12 of 13

Re: KItKat virtually killed GPS on xPeria E1

Same problem here with my E1. Using an SD Card kills the GPS. Sounds like a hardware problem, but if downgrading can fix it, then it must be software. Really anoying bug since the phone works fine in every other way. 


I found a solution here that involves software and hardware fix, but its kind of complex:


Regarthless of the solutions posted online, it is amazing that Sony haven't adressed the problem in any way and users have to figure out how to fix the problem by themselves. I hope they release an oficial update that fix this bug, or at least a statement saying they are aware and working on it.


Bottom line, I will return my phone since its new, I don't want to root it and I don't have any certainty Sony will fix this problem. Read M2 has a similar problem, and since I am a GPS user, I don't think I can trust Sony anymore.

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Message 13 of 13

Re: KItKat virtually killed GPS on xPeria E1

I would like to share where I am with Gps on Xperia e1.  I have kitkat and micro sd card. Data is off.

After several apps, etc. the solution seems to be on the work flow:

1. Switch on your app. In my case is gps locker or gps test.

2. The app will tell you that the gps is off.

3. Activate the gps on your phone. I do this now and no before. 

4. I get a fix in 6-10 seconds.

I hope this helps.