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Horror Stories about "Self Cracking" Screens

One time poster
Message 61 of 62
Message 61 of 62

Re: I Have brought sony xperia z1 compact in october 2014

Unfortunately Sony didn't repaired the screen production fault of my Xperia Z1 compact under warranty because there were two hairline cracks.



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Message 62 of 62

Re: Should I be worried about Z1C cracking screen?

ok.. so i had the dreaded magic cracking screen that cracks itself when gets hot,, and got hot when ever the signal wasnt strong, like it was upping the power or something..


so sony fixed it under warrenty and when it came back,, it worked but just didnt seem as good as it used to be.

to get a number 9 you had to touch the screen near the egde of the phone,, or it gave a number 0 or something,, and making a video film would often come out upside down.. 

but i could live with these problems as i needed the phone,  so been unhappily living with the phone since last march, and thinking oh well this will be the last sony i get and will have to move onto something else.


then i got the phone wet a few days ago,, just a splash of water, and phone died,, 8>(   all pictures and movies locked in there as i forgot to put memorry card back in after last repair..   tons of important stuff..   nobody ever told me about backing up on gmail,

and when i blew inside the phone to try to get the water out of it i knoticed it had not been repaired correctly when it went for the self cracking screen repair, and the screen IS NOT SEELED CORRECTLY..   .   ahhh.. gutted is not the word.   im disgusted with sony. 


lets see if they fix it, or try to charge me..  always had faith in sony products and been a fan for many years, but this is just not acceptable.