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Experia C wont charge

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Message 1 of 5

Experia C wont charge

All of the sudden my experia C will not charge as normally.

If I plug it into the origional wall charger while the phone is on, it shows no indication that it is charging.

If I shut it down, and plug it in, it does however indicate that it is charging,,  but it is not always charging.

I have had it plugged in while off last night and it only charged to about 23%.

I have since also done a factory reset, still it does not charge.

I have started it in safe mode, and it still does not charge.

I have tried other chargers as well, and it does the same.


I was however able to get it above 50% yesterday while off, and when I then placed it on charge while on it did charge, but took very long to progress with the charge. But now it is again low and refuses to show any charge indication or charge while on.


Can you please assist?

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Re: Experia C wont charge

Can you look in the USB port and check if there is any dust? You can blow gently in it but DON'T instert any sharp objects please.

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Re: Experia C wont charge



If nothing works, contact your local Xperia care

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Sony Xperia Support
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Re: Experia C wont charge

Hi Riaanj,


Welcome to the community,


You could also try a software repair using PC Companion/Bridge for Mac. A Factory reset, is completely different from a software repair.



Here's how to run the repair on PC Companion:

1. Install and open PC Companion then select Support Zone.
2. Phone Software Update.
3. Start.
4. Repair Phone
5. Continue
6. Accept data removal
7. Next
8. Wait for prepare
9. Select Phone
10. Follow the connection steps


And Bridge for Mac:

1. Launch Bridge for MAC without the handset connected.
2. On the Main Window select "Xperia > Repair Xperia Device".
3. Ensure the phone is charged and select "Ok" in the following window.
4. Select Continue on the following page.
5. Wait until the initialising step is finished the continue as below.
6 . Select your model of phone from the list that appears
7. Follow the connection steps that appear, ensuring that you are holding the relevant button down before during and after the connection phase until the update/repair begins.

Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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Re: Experia C wont charge

Thanks for the input, but it seems like it might be a dry contact.

If  I put it on charge while it is on, and I slightly twist my phone, it starts to charge, but I cant get it to charge to 100%, but at least I can get it charged to around 80-90%

This is the second sony product that I have that is experiancing soldering issues. (PS3 being the other)

I have never had these issues with other brands of phones. My Nokia's are still working, they had the best build quality and even my plastic samsung SII is still working, my kids play daily on it after almost 4 years.