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Electrostatic NOISE in Xperia 'CICADA' Mini Pro SOLVED

Unregistered user
Message 1 of 434
Message 1 of 434

Electrostatic NOISE in Xperia 'CICADA' Mini Pro SOLVED

ANYONE WITH NEWER DEVICES PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU HAVE A MINI PRO MANUFACTURED 11W40 OR LATER (manufacturing date: 11WXX, where XX is a 2-digit number meaning week of 2011 - can be found under the battery)!!!
Fresh content is underlined.

To find new replies (as a fresh reply can also be in the middle of the thread): please search  on the date (Ctrl+F): e.g. 'sep 15'!


The electrostatic noise is almost always there when device is active (we've tested it earleir and noise is there even when screen is off)!!! The video-recording just captures it, that part works perfectly, the problem is the noise... However, it's best to describe the noise with a vid (my favourite, with a very old official comment...):

So to test if you're (un)lucky (TEST A) you can shoot a video in relatively silent environmaent and play it back on above average volume AND/OR take the following short steps:

1. Make and keep your screen active/lit (it's easy e.g. start camera app... not essential, but that's the easiest way)
2. Put your device very close to your ear - that part where you can find the jack's hole
3. Listen to the insect-like electrostatic noise there...
For me it's frightening to listen to this, I'm afraid it ruins lifetime of the phone!
-when USB is plugged in AND connected to a charger/laptop - the noise is gone: seems like grounding of a bizarre interference.

Very likely, but not 100% certain other findings:
-The headphone jack's unplugged/plugged state don't alter the noise
-It's not really screen, rather activity related. Active screen strongly correlates with more intensive operation, but not exclusively, the noise can be reproduced with the screen off!

-Unlikely it's the battery: other types of SE mobile phones use the battery type EP500 as well, seemingly without this noise
-Unlikely it's the processor: very limited sound can be heard during boot process, which is very intensive for the processor
-I couldn't test it, but reported: noise is gone when CPU is at nearly max. load: cca. 99%

Affected devices: we heard about defective devices produced in all weeks ranging from 11W28 to 11W38...

NEWS! - Strange phenomena considering SK17i availability - these are forum posts, not official facts, but show signals...:
1. 28-Aug post quoted from GSMArena forum:
"Got my replacement this morning and it is '11w31.
Viedeo recording static noise still happens.
phones4u in the UK have told me that all the xperia mini pro's have been 'quarantined' meaning they have been sent back to manufacurer, which I could pretty much guess because of the above issue."
as I checked Mini Pro can't be ordered here (checked on 01-Sep):

2. Similar story 02-Sep from Facebook, excerpt:
"- hey.. i had to retail store to buy mini pro but he told me that sony ericsson had withdrawn the model due to hardware issues and mainly faulty touchscreen functionality

- Is this true?
- Well i live in ......., India. Had visited stores in Banjara Hills ........ Wanted to buy mini pro but it was out of stock and said that users had touchscreen issues. Also said that new stock is not expected in near future as they are trying to address the issue."
Touchscren issue... - maybe related, just addressed inaccurately?

3. 03-Sep GSMArena forum:
"Hey went to check out the phone.. It seems out of stock. Checked 4 places and 3 did not have any idea when the phone will come.. 4th one said he called up the sony representative and it would take 3-4 months.. and he started to convince me into other phones.. hence i do not believe him.. Did they quarantine the phone due to the issues or is this local non-availability ? Do you guys have the same "out of stock" response in your place ?"

4. 08-Sep GSMArena forum...:

"Phoned the se dealer turned into service center from where i bought my first se phone which was t290i ... was really inspired by the way he has grown from a small shop to a big distributer with 5 shop large shops ... asked about the xperia mini pro noise problem.. he says se has released newer version which has a insulating kinda material glued on the usb port, which he says, fixes the problem.. Not sure whether it can be trusted.. Can somebody confirm this data ?" confused?

5. 08-Sep Facebook (
"Sony Ericsson
I'm still waiting for some information. I'm guessing this is being investigated as we speak. This thread is highlighted by me so I won't forget it. As soon as there's something to tell I will post it here.


6. 08-Sep XDA forum (

"finally got a satisfactory answer from sony ericsson:

"We regret to inform you that there really are problems with this model. The aforementioned problem has been escalated and we are already working on an appropriate solution. Whether these is going to happen in the form of an update or a revision in the hardware, we can not tell you at the moment. But this will soon be the case."

I keep you posted... but this sounds great!"

7. 12-Sep: official replies here on the forum:
"The problem has been looked at and this issue will be fixed in a future software update for the phone. At the moment I have unfortunately no information on exactly when this update will be released but I'll update you all as soon as I hear anything."
13-Sep: "Honestly I have no more information at the moment than I've already posted. So posting anything about exactly what was causing the problem or what the actual fix will be would just be assumptions from my side, since I have no such information at the moment but I promise you all that I will update you as soon as I have more information about this."
15-Sep: "As far as I can see, yes, this is a fix. ... We have not noted any side-effects with this most recent update. ... We feel that this update will fully correct the issue some users are experiencing."
15-Sep: (here, but there's no more info can be found

"We have already made an official statement concerning this. We will likely not have more detailed information about the fix besides the mentioned update. We have not provided a date of fix as we don't do this ever, with our rolling update process. I realize this is not the answer you are expecting, however it is the information we have with all issues of this type."

8. 17-Sep GSMArena:
"Went to two phones4u stores today and they both said reacalled and dont know when they will get them back in. could not give a reason as to why.
If this whole thing was software related then why the need to recall ??"

9: 27-Oct:



1,342 posts since

Nov 12, 2010

381. Nov 10, 2011 1:37 PM (in response to stipey75)

So, I’m back with some more info as promised.

This is what I know.

1. About Video recording noises.

-New HW solution has been implemented for all units produced starting end of September

-For the units in the field experiencing the symptom a SW fix has been made available with the maintenance release 4.0.2.A.X.X rolled out starting mid of October 2011.

So if you have installed the latest software and still having problems with noise during video recording you need to have the phone fixed at a repair center. For more info about repair centers contact your local support team.

2. About noises during calls.

If you have installed the latest software (4.0.2.A.X.X) and still having noises during calls the phone needs to be examined at a repair center. For more info about repair centers see link above.

Since these noises during calls can be caused be different things the phone needs to be examined by a repair tech."

My story (cut short...):
1. 01-Sep I got a less ordinary message on our forum! (I don't have time - Google translate from Hungarian, sorry):
"Sony Ericsson (official avatar - no standard members can have this)
Dear sxxorp,
Read user reviews and want to find out exactly that problem. We tried to reproduce the error to us the Xperia mini pro appliances, but we had no this problem.
We would like to invite you to drop into the machine for repair, where we will handle the matter with priority, and please send to us the service panel Registration number.
Thank you,
Sony Ericsson
Official Sony Ericsson's presence in the forums Mobilarena"

2. 05-Sep: as during the week-end it was justified that this is official, not a joke, I delivered my phone for investigation

3. 08-Sep: received a letter from local official SE Support:
"Dear Gabor!

Thank you we've received the product and the detailed fault description. We were able to reproduce the observed static noise in the video footage in the phone you've sent in, and other test devices. We sent the report and your comments on all other forums to the device development team, who are already investigating the fault, and as soon as possible we will return with an answer in forums, blogs SE . As the Hungarian representative of Sony Ericsson we are committed to have the case solved, and we will also report directly to you on the developments.
Thank you so much activity in your forums and blogs, it's important for us to get more honest feedback on products.
We try our best to earn your trust.
The unit can take over the service soon, they will notify you over the phone.

Sony Ericsson"

4. 08-Sep: My reply (strongly cut short): Please confirm at least this: the problem will be handled in some way or another, and soon.

5. 13-Sep: According to our local SE Support:
"The noise is caused by the tuning of the secondary microphone to too sensitive that can be perceived especially in silent environment.
Tuning is software related so a software update should solve the issue. We can tell more if we can test the new software and hear the difference."
Your opinions? Will this make the noise totally disappear, or just some kind of workaround?

In the meantime desperate waiting...

6. 8- Dec and 15-Dec:

I've taken the possibility that we made our voice heard for and delivered my phone to the service center. I declared that the phone was upgraded to 2.3.4, but the noise remained the same. Today I received an sms - that my phone was repaired!

I was a little bit sceptic, so I called the service point what happened- following some ******* around the customer service told that the motherboard was replaced...
I went in and I so immediately that my IMEI was changed...
the following moment I looked at the manufacturing date - and it was:
11W42!!! (you can check - it was 11W31!)
so I guess (typical - still no clear info...) it was more than a new motherboard... it was replaced!
(my battery remained the same)
So after 3.5 months - I have an almost noiseless phone - the CICADA is almost DEAD!
The noise is still there - a lot lot quieter - but still sth can be detected. If it had been like this before - I wouldn't have noticed it
smile happy smile cool



WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO CONTRIBUTE? Shocking suggestions from a cult film...:
and a thought-provoking opinion from a forum...:
"Obvioulsy the noise comes from some kind of electrostatic interference in the hardware. So the phone hardware will have to be fixed, taking time probably months. No quick firmware update possible. In my opinion SE will never recall the phones already sold. It will quietly make the fix without recognizing any pb, and too bad for the early adopters. Don't be afraid to ask for your money back."

TO SUPPORT the solution process and/or SHOW that this is NOT AN INDIVIDUAL PHENOMENON, PLEASE:

!!!LEAVE YOUR COMMENT HERE, containing your manufacturing date (11WXX, where XX is a 2-digit number meaning week of 2011) and SI number - both can be found under the battery. like this:


SI 1249-XXXX


Those lucky ones, who don't have the issue, can also comment with the same data!

Contact SE in every possible way, make this a priority! Share any info on your advance here (feed back, replacement, repairment), as it'd help many others having this problem.

Any official clarification is welcomed!
Thanks for reading!

And my long-term omission, as we started cooperating there:
Thanks to XDA,
and especially sur1k, who started a dedicated thread to this noise topic there - minutes before me smile happy ( and does it very correctly.
The (Cricket->)Cicada Team smile cool

Unregistered user
Message 2 of 434
Message 2 of 434

Re: RECALL of Xperia Mini Pros? Electrostatic noise problem isn't limited to video, it's more serious!!!

for the record, i am experiencing this problem and have reported it to se here in denmark. i am still waiting for a response from se.

build: 11w30

si: 1249-4836.5

Unregistered user
Message 3 of 434
Message 3 of 434

Re: RECALL of Xperia Mini Pros? Electrostatic noise problem isn't limited to video, it's more serious!!!

Thanks for your contribution! I felt it's better to start a new thread to make sure everyone becomes aware of the fact that it's not an isolated video issue... you look at your screen frequently, don't you? Me, too...
My manufacturing date is 11W31.

Unregistered user
Message 4 of 434
Message 4 of 434

Re: RECALL of Xperia Mini Pros? Electrostatic noise problem isn't limited to video, it's more serious!!!

Interesting - I have no issues with my Mini Pro (on Vodafone in the UK) - I've had it just under a week.

Unregistered user
Message 5 of 434
Message 5 of 434

Re: RECALL of Xperia Mini Pros? Electrostatic noise problem isn't limited to video, it's more serious!!!

terry1100, thanks for the info, can you provide the build number and si number of your phone, it will help in determining which manufacture dates are affected (you can find them under the battery).

Unregistered user
Message 6 of 434
Message 6 of 434

Re: RECALL of Xperia Mini Pros? Electrostatic noise problem isn't limited to video, it's more serious!!!

My mini pro has the same problem.

Device info: sk17i (Russia)

Prod. week: 11w28

Unregistered user
Message 7 of 434
Message 7 of 434

Re: NOT ANSWERED - RECALL of Xperia Mini Pros? Electrostatic noise problem isn't limited to video, it's more serious!!!

I have a problem, which reported a noise
4 phones have been replaced and the problem shows the noise
I live in Saudi Arabia
Manufacture Date : 11w28
I ask the company to resolve the problem quickly
Is also no longer the last update is available at the site of Sony Ericsson

Thank you all

Unregistered user
Message 8 of 434
Message 8 of 434

Re: NOT ANSWERED - RECALL of Xperia Mini Pros? Electrostatic noise problem isn't limited to video, it's more serious!!!

My mini pro has the same problem.

Device info: sk17i (Russia)
SI 1249-4753   Rev.3 RU
Prod. week: 11W28

Unregistered user
Message 9 of 434
Message 9 of 434

Re: NOT ANSWERED - RECALL of Xperia Mini Pros? Electrostatic noise problem isn't limited to video, it's more serious!!! LEAVE YOUR COMMENT HERE!

My mini pro has the same problem.

Device info: sk17i (Russia)
SI 1249-4753
Prod. week: 11W29

Unregistered user
Message 10 of 434
Message 10 of 434

Re: NOT ANSWERED - RECALL of Xperia Mini Pros? Electrostatic noise problem isn't limited to video, it's more serious!!! LEAVE YOUR COMMENT HERE!

I take it back, mine is affected - I just hadn't noticed before. I've just recorded some video in a quiet room and I can now hear the noise.

It does not affect playback of video not recorded with the onboard camera

SK17i (UK - Vodafone)

Build 11W30

SI Number 1249 4850