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Don't buy Sony Mobiles again

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Re: Don't buy Sony Mobiles again

Hello im worried too, i had over 15 mobiles by se in the last few years, g502X2,K550,k800,k850,w810,c510,c902,c905,aino, satio,elmX2, x10 mini, x8..etc..and finaly lastest XPERIA NEO. A loyal costumer,   who liked their icons, their design, differences from other manufacturers but now im dissapointed, so waited for ICS, then first delay, than this..they should know that over 90 percent of their costumers buying their product not randomly but from passion, if they cant provide it better that they didnt promissed ICS, its hard to belive that Sony devs did not know that hardware in 2011 isnt compatible with ICS.. that is only marketing for buying phones and meglected customer, sorry for bad english.

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Registered: ‎2012-03-27

Re: Don't buy Sony Mobiles again

I don't mean to raise an argument with you, but this is nothing to deal with selling price because it was Sony saying that we will get the upgrade. I wouldn't mind to wait a bit longer but please don't tell me that after long delay this ICS may not be good for my phone.

Thanks 100rabh791 for the link, personally I think HTC is a much stable phone than Sony in general.

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Re: Don't buy Sony Mobiles again

Well, I think this is a perfect time for the SonyEricsson support to show up here and please us with their words. Welcome SE support. Looking forward to hear from you.

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Registered: ‎2012-03-10

Re: Don't buy Sony Mobiles again

Hi all,

Im from bali, i bought neo v in jan 2012.

IT has reset, reboot, screen laggy or what the f**kin problems in this neo v.

Im holding on coz of ICS update will fix em all...  but now their mentioning its gonna caused more problem...

So what am I hopeing for from a device and manufacture that cost me nearly 2 month salary...


we held a hope, we held an hope of an advace device...

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Re: Don't buy Sony Mobiles again

Well I was also excited by the prospect of having ICS on my Neo. But now I come on here and read that they pulled our legs. We won't get the ICS on our neos. I think this farewell to Sony Ericsson from me too. dpjar... Understand. The technicalities your are talking is not the issue. The wicked strategies they used to sell their 2011 phones is. They took advantage and lacked respect for the loyal customers.

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Re: Don't buy Sony Mobiles again

I bought it because it will have ICS, plus, on sheet is a great device.

Now that i have been using it.....i can just feel sorry for me, they do not even support they customers.

Very disappointed here