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Discussion Guidelines

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Discussion Guidelines

Please also refer to the Revised Guidelines (18/02/11) in Post #2 below.


Welcome to the Sony Xperia Support Forum.

Welcome to the Sony Xperia Support forum, the meeting place for like-minded souls who share your – and our – passion for Sony Xperia smartphones. After all, we don’t pretend to know it all, and you may have some tips you want to share. Maybe you have a question yourself you want to check with other users? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

This site is part of a community.  Be curious. Share. But be nice and follow the rules.

The Support Forum is for you

The Support Forum is not only for you and by you, but also says something about you. What does this mean?  While we still don’t want to sound like your parents, you probably heard these before:

Share it. Reach out and have fun! There are millions of other Sony Xperia Smartphone users out there who share your passion for our products. Share your experiences and tips with them.

Show respect. This is a meeting place for Sony Xperia Smartphone users worldwide. Being part of a community that big means we must respect each other.  Show respect to other members and they’ll respect you.

Keep it real. Don’t abuse the site. You’re responsible and liable for your actions. We don’t tolerate:

Disrespectful, offensive or flaming comments. We also have zero tolerance if you try to harass, threaten, embarrass or interfere with another user in any unwanted way (this includes trying to get another user's password or any other type of personal information).

Pretending to be someone else or register simultaneously under different pseudonyms/user names. And no inappropriate user names or aliases, please.

Publishing content that is illegal or offensive.

Stealing! Don’t publish any materials that you don’t have all the rights and permissions to.

Spam! So don’t publish any advertising or promotional material.

Uploading viruses, Spyware or other harmful or malicious software programs.

Now a quick word about us

We think that by now you have an idea of what this is all about. To make sure that the Forum becomes the great meeting place for Sony Xperia Smartphone users that we want it to be, we have appointed some moderators identified with a black tag moderator. They do not work for Sony but are here to make sure that the Forum runs smoothly. We have also appointed some official support staff identified with a blue tag Sony Xperia support. They work for Sony and are here to support you.

Your entries will appear automatically, but if we think you crossed the line we may modify or even delete your entry. A Support Forum member who violates the Sony Terms & Conditions and/or these Guidelines may have their membership terminated. If your membership has been terminated, you are prohibited from registering again. So please take these rules seriously.

Finally, keep in mind that the opinions on the forum are not endorsed by Sony, except where expressed by Sony Xperia support team members.

Some housekeeping rules

Are you ready to get started? Great! Here’s how…

Register.  To submit posts or leave comments on other posts you need to be a registered forum member. If you don’t want to register, that’s ok, you can still read posts on the forum.

Search the forum before you submit a post. An answer might already be out there.

Be specific and provide as much information as you can to help people understand your question.

The Support forum is for you.  Have fun, get help and help others.

Thanks for taking the time to read these guidelines, see you in the forum!

-Sony Xperia Support Team

Click here to read the full terms and conditions.

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Re: Discussion Guidelines (18/02/11)

Hi Everyone,

Although we have strived to foster an open and  honest community here on the forum, we have recently come to the  conclusion we may have been ignorant to some of the conversation that  has been occurring here.

We entirely respect any discussion you  have concerning the products, services and support we offer, but  beginning today we will begin actively moderatoring user spam, personal  attacks and foul language with the "2 strike rule". We will publically  warn you of any infractions and if we are informed of a second  occurrence, your account will be banned. We define these items as  follows:

1.  User spam - Repeated posting of the same or similar content across  multiple threads. This includes "advertising” or posting of you  dissatisfaction with a product, service or the support from our company.  Please always feel free to post new threads with any concerns you have,  but please keep the conversation in that thread.

2.  Personal attacks - Rude behavior is easily recognized, and will not be  tolerated. This includes to other members, moderators and employees of  Sony Ericsson.

3.  Foul language - Although foul language is made invisible by the  automated profanity filter, it is still not acceptable to post. Attempts  to circumvent the filter will be treated the same.

This  is truly not something we wanted to have happen, but we want this forum  to be a place people are happy to visit, or feel comfortable posting  questions and comments. We hope you appreciate our transparency and  continue to post here as often as you please.

Kind Regards,


Sony Xperia Support
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Message 3 of 4

Re: Discussion Guidelines (18/02/11)

Assumed Answered explained.

Some of you have noticed your threads get marked as 'assumed answered' even though there might not be a solution/answer provided. Keep reading if you want to know why.

Me and my colleagues in the Sony Xperia support team get a list several times a day. This list is called "Email Alert for Unanswered Discussion Questions".

As the name might hint, it contains a list with threads that are unanswered.

All threads that are marked as a question when created ends up in this list if not already answered within 10 hours.

In order for us to get a good overview of the Support Forum we click on 'Assumed Answered' as soon as we have posted a comment, even if it's not really answered. The creator of the thread can then either keep it that way, confirm or deny it.

Either way, we automatically subscribe to all threads we post in, meaning we will get a notification for each new post in every single thread we attend so no post should be missed.

We can also choose to subscribe manually to a thread after marking it as assumed answered (we do this if good answers have been provided by other users already).

One time poster
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Message 4 of 4

SONY to develope in walkman

hi, i am rohit from india ,i am the mad user of sony products i will give u a suggesion to become no1  in market of mobiles , please install the shake and change music in walkman that u have introduced in sony ericson models i hope this will change mind set to buy your products,