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Creaking Sound on Face of Xperia S!

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Creaking Sound on Face of Xperia S!

I had already sent a tech support e-mail, but received absolutely no response. There was another person on this forum that explained the same problem, but lucky for him his phone died and he was able to get a new one.  I have had the phone for 2 weeks and about 1 week after purchase I noticed a creaking sound coming form the home button area and the surrounding "silver dot" areas.  With minimum pressure I get a cracking/creaking sound when pushing the home button. It wasn't there when I first started using the phone, but now is present and getting worse. It feels like the glass is separate from the backing of which the glass resides. It almost clicks like an iPhone home button now.  I know it is NOT supposed to do that and was hoping for some help.  The build quality of the phone otherwise is superb and I love the OS, but this creaking is getting me concerned and quite honestly I would expect better from Sony. It doesn't happen anywhere else on the glass face, just where the silver buttons are. It sound and feels cheap and I can attest that this phone was NOT cheap... 

Please help.


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Re: Creaking Sound on Face of Xperia S!

I'm sorry to hear you're having this problem.

I have tried this with a few of the Xperia S handsets here but I don't seem to get the same creaking noise you are referring to.

My first suggestion with regards to this would be to remove the battery cover and replace this ensuring it full clicks into place. If this is loose, it may cause a creaking.

If that doesn't have any effect and you still have the same problem, I'd suggest taking the handset to be examined so they can confirm what is causing the problem.


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Re: Creaking Sound on Face of Xperia S!

i would like also to confirm this issue that i have the same problem. i thought it was just normal but i think since someone raise this one i think its faulty. the home cpacitive button is creaking its like theres a home button when you push it but the other capacitive button are not. I have also yellow tint problem. i sent an email to Sony and they said that i have to visit their service center and investigate and with regarding the yellow tint it will be replaced free of cost. it really caused me inconvenience. its cool phone but with the problems that im having with its like im regretting...  if im going let them repair my phone ill need to buy another phone coz im sure it will take weeks or i hate to say this months in waiting...