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Tips & Tricks

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Connecting via NFC and to my Sony Vaio

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Message 11 of 11

Re: Connecting via NFC and to my Sony Vaio

@Sam wrote:

I have included detailed instructions below:


To turn on the NFC function

  1. From your Home screen, tap the Application screen icon.
  2. Find and tap Settings > More….
  3. Mark the NFC checkbox.

To turn on the Android Beam function

  1. From your Home screen, tap the Application screen icon.
  2. Find and tap Settings > More… > Android Beam.
  3. Tap the Switch on/off icon on the top right of the screen so that it slides to the On position.

To share a music file with another phone using NFC

  1. Make sure that both your phone and the receiving phone have the NFC function and the Android Beam function turned on, and that both phone screens are active.
  2. To open the Walkman™ player, go to your Home screen, tap the Application screen icon, then find and tap WALKMAN.
  3. Tap the MY MUSIC tab to open the music library.
  4. Select a music category and browse to the track you want to share.
  5. Tap the track to play it. You can then tap the Pause icon to pause the track.
    The transfer works whether the track is playing or paused.
  6. Hold your phone and the receiving phone back to back so that the NFC detection area of each phone touches the other.
    When the phones connect, they vibrate and play a short sound. A thumbnail of the track appears.
  7. Tap the thumbnail to start the transfer.
  8. When the transfer is done, the music file plays immediately on the receiving phone.
    At the same time, the file is saved on the receiving phone.
    Note: You might not be able to copy, send or transfer copyright-protected items. 


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Why you guys give answers completly different... He said problems on sony Vaio, not on Xperia... Give us solutions to Sony Vaio ok... I have the same issue. waiting for solutions