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Complaint to CEO!! Sony Egypt

One time poster
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Complaint to CEO!! Sony Egypt



I'd like to raise an issue to your CEO, or anyone who cares..


I bought a the Sony M5 phone from Egypt, right after using the phone for 2 hours i hated it, it looks exactly the same as the Z1, software is identical.


I tried to return it or exchange for another phone yet your authorized agent in Egypt "Rizkallah" and his authorized distributor "Radia Radwan" totally refused.


Now i'm stuck with a phone that I hate and i didn't use at all while it's my right to return a good that i bought.


The way your authorized dealer in Egypt is treating customers is extremely appaling. I will definitley not buy or recommend any Sony product to anyone at all if this is how customers are treated.


Please email me or call i you care....

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Re: Complaint to CEO!! Sony Egypt



I'm sorry to hear that, but this is a user based forum, you have to contact your Local support


On a side note, what do you mean that the phone is the same as the Z1? Are you referring to the UI? if you are most Xperias will have similar UI if they have the same Android version, not just with Sony but the same is true with other brands. 

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Re: Complaint to CEO!! Sony Egypt

Xperia M5 is a good device, considered it's a "super-midrange". Z1 was a flagship but now the M5 surpass for sure the Z1 in terms of quality and performance, give it a try. Don't hate it.


I have the Z3C (2) and the C5 ultra and both have the same interface, I love them all Slightly smiling Face

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Re: Complaint to CEO!! Sony Egypt

Return/exchange policy is decided by your country's local store and authorized dealer.