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Can't mount SD Card

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Can't mount SD Card

Hi there,

I'm using an Xperia Arc for almost a year now without any problems. The latest firmware update came with the McAfee Mobile Securtiy System and I subscribed for the trial (7 days) period). Problem seems to pour in after I activate it. This morning I restarted my phone and the McAfee automatically scanned my SD card for virus. So I just left it for scanning. Half an hour later, I wanted to make a call, but the screen doesn't turn on when I press the 'Home' button. Only the light for that Home button keys turned on. So I took out the battery and turned on my phone again.

Now this is where the problem starts. Normally when the phone is turned on, I'll see "preparing SD Card", but this time around, it didn't appear. Tried to go to gallery and it said SD Card unmounted/not present. So I go Service test and the memory card status was "Inserted/Unmounted". Since it is unmounted, i went to settings -> storage -> mount sd card, BUT NOTHING HAPPENS. I received this message instead "activity storage settings (in application settings) is not responding"

I need help here, could the SD card be damaged due to the McAfee scanning? My next step is to get a SD card reader to make sure the card isn't faulty. But before i do that, is there any other options?

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Re: Can't mount SD Card

take the sd card out and reinsert it and see what happens

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Re: Can't mount SD Card

Holy shoot, guess what guys? The Nokia C6 saved my memory card!!

I mentioned that when i plug in the MicroSD card into my C6, it could detect fine right? Now what i did was I removed the memory card using the Nokia's options selection and then get back to the Arc, removed the SIM card and then inserted the card and walla, the magic word 'Preparing SD card' came up.

The gallery, and all the apps were there. I turned off the phone, inserted the SIM and it all works fine now. Anyway, share this out if ur friends happens to face this problem. Ironic, but it solves the problem.