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Can't connect Xperia L via USB

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Message 1 of 4

Can't connect Xperia L via USB



I just bought Xperia L, in México, 3 months ago, and I have some troubles with it.


When I connect Xperia to transfer my files to PC, using USB cale, PC don't detect my Xperia L.

I installed PC companion, latest version from official site, but can't detect device.



I have tried all sugestions founded, like connect Device with no sim card or SD card, changing from MSC to MTP, in at least 10 different computers with XP, Vista, 7 and windows 8, even installing Drivers founded in forums or threads, using different usb cables, etc..., but can't connect properly my xperia L to my PC, laptop or notebook.


All I see, when I plug the usb to the PC, is a message that says: Windows don't recognize this usb device. Not installed properly. And Driver update trough Windows Update can't find anything.




Before this connectivity trouble, my xperya continously displayed the message saying that not enough internal space was available, so i just decided to delete all my internal storage. But at the beginning, the process just looped, and i had to restart several times, turning off and on my phone. Then, after several attemps doing some stuff, like deleting my SD card Before Internal Storage, i finally got my internal storage deleted with 4.01 GB of free space.


The thing is I wanted to copy some music from my PC to my internal Storage or my SD card, even when my Internal Storage had no Enough Space, obviously copiyin music to SD Card, and that's when i saw the connectivity trouble. I have done factory reset to my phone several times after watching this trouble, deleted sd card and internal storage, but nothing seems to work. PC, laptop, or Notebook can't detect device even when i try to conect in flash mode, pressing volume down when pluging USB cable.


I started thinking the best way to solve this issue was updating to latest firmware available, but can't connect to PC Companion or Sony Update Service. My device is constantly displaying a message that 15.3.A.1.14 update is available, but it can only be done by PC, and I can't connect my Device to get it done. My current compilation number is 15.3.A.0.26


So, my question is the next: Is there any change to download the update and install it via SD card??? Because my Xperia L C2104 isn't recognized properly via USB in any PC, Laptop or Notebook,and Wifi update isn't availabe either because the mesaage says: this update can only be done via PC??? Does Anyone Have some idea what's happening???


I hope someone can help me. Thx in advantage. Have a great day.

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Re: cannot connect Xparia L via USB

You may need to perform a repair as you may have deleted important files needed for usb connection

So fully unplug and switch off your phone - Start PC Companion and select Support zone then Update my phone/tablet and in Blue select Repair my phone/tablet and follow the onscreen instructions - When prompted hold volume down and connect your usb cable - It may take 2 attempts to install the Flash driver - Once connected it should beging the repair process, However if you are running a 64bit system or Win8/8.1 you will need to run PCC in compatibility mode like Win7 32bit

For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.   Richard P. Feynman

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Re: cannot connect Xparia L via USB

I been searching for a while and I just found this topic:


Is the exactly same trouble I have. But they don't say anything about the internal storage or so on.


I'll try to connect to PCC and perform update, like u say, but honestly I don't think it'll work, since like I mentioned before, phone isn't conecting even in flash mode to perform update using Sony Update Service Program.


Thx for your help. I'll coment if any succes happens.


About this line: "You may need to perform a repair as you may have deleted important files needed for usb connection", i just want to say I performed recovery to factory status on 3 laptops, this means they started just like a new ones,  to check if any may detect my phone 2 vaio laptops using win 8 64x and win 7 64x, and 1 notebook using win 7 86x, and neither one or the others detected it. Slightly frowning Face

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Re: cannot connect Xparia L via USB

I just tried to perform a Flash connect to update via PCC, but same mesagge from windows appears: canot install this device. Slightly frowning Face


All i see, when pressing volume down button to connect via flash, is led flashingh red and then green really fast, like 3miliseconds each, and the message of cannot instal this device appers. Then, thelephone is not charging or doing nothing. PCC cannot detecte the xperia L. 


Does any one have the same trouble or any other suggestion???


I apreciate all the help. Thx a lot.