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Camera Is Very Bad:-(

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Camera Is Very Bad:-(


I migrated from  Nokia C6-00 and purchased Xperia Ray....

My phone have good quality in camera...but, this phone doesnt support flash light when taking the shot!!!!!!!!!!!! an Rs.18800 phone doesnt have flash while taking shots???? if i want flash light, it will be on everytime, while the camera is on!!!!!angry

The photos will loss quality while zoomed!!! what is this? i have checked in every resolution...all photos will lose quality when zoomed (after capturing the picture, not while camera is on)...

After setting to 8MP resoltion, and took a photo...The captured photo size is only 2Mb or 2.2MB...My Goodness!!!! My old Nokia c6-00 after taking the picture it is 6MB!!!!

I think,the size of the pic is the problem in xperia.Im i correct?

And finally....the photos taken in this phone loss quality (blured) while it is set as the contact image.This is really very bad....Please solve my problems...

sorry for the bad englishsilly

Sony Xperia Support
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Registered: ‎2010-11-12

Re: Camera Is Very Bad:-(

About the photo light, this is the way it works because it's a photo light not a flash.

About the picture size and image quality it's something that is being discussed in several other threads on this forum and we're looking into it.

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Registered: ‎2010-07-03

Re: Camera Is Very Bad:-(

@Johan, not to be a pest or anything but, will Sony

1) fix this issue?

2) fix this issue for the 2013 Xperias?  silly

3) fix this issue for all Xperias ?

     a) 2010

     b) 2011

     c) 2012

4) explain what the issue is? (if it's a hardware issue or software)

5) if YES to 1) when can we expect this to be solved Q2, Q3, Q4?

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One time poster
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Re: Camera Is Very Bad:-(

Try Vignette. It has auto flash. Below link is for demo version. Demo version support only low res pics but if you want to use your whole 8 Mp cam. Buy the app!

One time poster
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Registered: ‎2012-02-03

Re: Camera Is Very Bad:-(

Yeah, it's a common complaint around these forums that the photos are too compressed.  I have a 32GB card in there, I can spare a few megabytes!  We're all hoping they fix this with ICS.

As far as blurriness, my photos have improved greatly since I stopped relying on the autofocus.  Try doing the focus yourself by holding down on the screen, allowing the camera to focus (the square will turn green), then releasing to take the pic.  This should make the picture sharper where you want it to be, and reduce camera shakiness since you're just taking your finger off the screen rather than tapping it.

Also, for viewing photos, make sure "mobile bravia engine" is on in Display Settings.

One time poster
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Registered: ‎2011-05-07

Re: Camera Is Very Bad:-(

about the photo light issue, is there something we can do about the steady light during photo taking? because i previously own a C510 cyber shot and its also a photo light but the light only activates when you turn it on by option plus it only lights up when you are taking the shot (during auto focus) can this be possible for xperia ray?