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Brief glitch at beginning of tracks when ripping CDs in Media Go

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Message 1 of 3

Brief glitch at beginning of tracks when ripping CDs in Media Go

When I rip CDs with Media Go, more often than not the first half second or so of each track repeats once before the song begins. I have to listen to each track I've ripped and re-rip the problem tracks until the problem goes away. This might take four or five tries. Some tracks are flawless from the beginning.


Of course this issue is very annoying. None of the other software I have suffers from this problem, but Media Go is the only one I have which rips to AAC and that's what I want.


A workaround would be ripping to WAV in other software and then using Media Go only to convert to AAC, but that's complicating an already cumbersome workflow (after I'm done in Media Go, I have to replace the artwork for each track with one that isn't low res and overcompressed).


None of the CDs I've ripped so far have any DRM weirdness going on, such as Cactus Data Shield or rootkits (we know which company used that, don't we?); they're all from what I know ordinary, Red Book-compliant CDDA.


It could be an issue with my HP computer (it is an HP after all), but then it's weird other software doesn't suffer the same problem. It seems like Media Go could have a buffering issue or not handling track indexes properly.


Has anyone else here encountered the same problem?

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Re: Brief glitch at beginning of tracks when ripping CDs in Media Go

I'm old fashioned and still use Windows media player to RIP to mp3 at 320kbps which will also add artwork and any relevant tagged info then I will transfer these albums to my phone, If I have an album that doesn't add any tag info then I'll use mp3tag to then add the relevant info and artwork

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Re: Brief glitch at beginning of tracks when ripping CDs in Media Go

I'm also using Mp3tag, primarily for removing the low-res artwork that Media Go downloaded with the hi-res artwork I scanned myself from the CD insert. But also to clean up the metadata where needed.


I tried using Windows Media Player to rip to WAV and then convert to AAC using Media Go, which works fine except it drops all the track numbers from both file names and the metadata... the files have to be renamed to put them back in order, and then Mp3tag used to re-add the track numbers into the metadata. Less hassle than having to re-rip a track over and over though, and I need to replace the artwork anyway, so...


I guess I should look into alternatives for transcoding or ripping, as I want to benefit from the improvements in AAC over MP3 (even though they may be small at 256 kbps).