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Bootloader unlock allowed: no

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Bootloader unlock allowed: no

i cant unlock my xperia s boot loader

Bootloader unlock allowed: no

no fastboot moe

what should i do???

please help.

other people that have this problem please tell here.

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Registered: ‎2011-12-16

Re: Bootloader unlock allowed: no

mine to

i dont know how to fix it

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Registered: ‎2010-04-23

Re: Bootloader unlock allowed: no

Not every phone can have it's bootloader unlocked. This is a decision/agreement based on the operators input.

Only your operator can tell you if they will offer the ability to let you unlock the bootloader or not.

You must confirm with them.

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Re: Bootloader unlock allowed: no

I have a locked bootloader as well, it reports the unlock is not allowed.

I tought I will be able to unlock the bootloader after doing official, proper network unlock via the operator. So I did pay for it. It still reports unlock is not allowed.

I called Three and now they said "the unlock topic is between them and Sony and I am voiding my warranty if I unlock". I don't care about the warranty but this really is very much unfair, both from Sony and from Three. I bought this phone, why can't I use the way I want to?

Please help if you have a suggestion.

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Registered: ‎2010-07-03

Re: Bootloader unlock allowed: no

there's another thread on something similiar

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