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Bluetooth problems with Xperia C4 - Android Wear - Motorola 360

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Message 11 of 13

Be warned for Bluetooth problems



This will be my second topic here (and probably the last) after this one :

(I was experiencing problems to keep my smartwatch connected with my Xperia C4)


After updating android Wear (Google), updating Smart Connect (Sony), updating Connect (Motorola) , updating Spotify, installed the latest firmware from Sony, hard resetting my watch dozens of time, hard resetting the Xperia C4 device 3 times, disabling Smart Connect application, contacting the Sony Support and so on, changed my device with another one (my vendor as accepted to exchange it), now I just gave up and now I have another phone.


The whole Bluetooth part of the Xperia C4 is just buggy at this time.
Streaming music to your car, connecting to an external speaker (even a Sony BSP-10!), connecting to your PC, connecting with your smartwatch.. it's FULL of bugs. You will be disconnected for no reason, definitly loose the connection with your watch every 2 days, sometimes Spotify will sometimes play to the phonespeaker (the one for calls, not the external!) while connected to your car, not sending titles to the car, not sending "sound initiation signal", etc all Bluetooth software problems.
Just making an NFC contact with a speaker can drop your watch connection.
Just entering your car can make the phone crash.

In fact the Smart Connect and Throw apps installed by Sony are making A LOT of trouble on that model.

And please don't tell me I should contact the app developers or my car manufacturer!
Okay, i'm not an Android Dev Guru, but i'm not stupid too : I tried everything a "normal" user can do and I think I'm a bit aware of what i'm doing.
I own different cars and I NEVER had such problems.

I owned the following devices lastly : Zopo ZP999, Huawei P8, Wiko Highway, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4.

I did not experienced ANY problems with ANY of this phones for the Bluetooth part.
Now I have replaced the C4 with a new Huawei Ascend Mate 7 Gold and again I didn't find any issue with Bluetooth.



I have sold my Xperia C4 so "my problems are solved" but I just want to warn people about this phone : if they plan to use a smartwatch or any Bluetooth device : THINK TWICE.

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Message 12 of 13

Re: Be warned for Bluetooth problems

thought i would add to this, I have a similar problem with my z1 compact i just grabbed . very cool phone, but i got it for the waterproof deal for my heavy work and workouts. My main phone is my xperia play, so when i grabbed this Z1c I assumed there would be no problems.


think again.  I use a bluetooth waterptoof blueant pump- which i absoluely endorse as sturdy and waterproof. I upgraded from my play because its getting sluggish and I want to be able to browse my music library when I want to , not in 5-10 seconds. So I get this new phone paired up and it kicks me off the connection and I have to fight with it for about 5minutes to try and reconnect it. Then once I get it connected, if I hold it by the bottom half I apparantly block the bluetooth module so it cuts off. So l test this, I let go , I get music, I grab the phone by bottom , cuts off. hmmmnn.  so  i reserch and find a posted fix... on of all places GOOGLE PLAY? really SONY yu couldnt bother to add it as a HOTFIX?  you give me plenty of other nag but not a hotfix?


okay so I add the stupid patch, and it still doesnt fix the intermittance issue- you know the sound cuts on off on off etc etc.

so, the phone has been pestering me to upgrade to lollipop, I figure what the right? maybe it will fix the on off issue?


NOPE!  and sony how can you not incorporate the goddamned patch that you posted 2 years ago into the new OS release? how incompetent are you all there? so now I will have to keep my xperia play and get rid of the z1c and find something else?

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Re: Be warned for Bluetooth problems

I have the same problem with my Xperia C4, bluetooth doesnt work properly with some devices including smart watchs and bluetooth headset. the dispaly also was damaged after a month  Im going to through it away. I might buy a P9.