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Bluetooth problems with Xperia C4 - Android Wear - Motorola 360

Message 1 of 13
Message 1 of 13

Bluetooth problems with Xperia C4 - Android Wear - Motorola 360



I have a serious problem with my new Sony Xperia C4 Dual phone Smiling Face with Horns
I'm always losing the connection with my Motorola 360 smartwatch.

The first time I start everything, I can pair my phone with my watch.
Everything is working fine (watchfaces, apps, notifications, etc).
But randomly (can be 1 hour or can be 1 day, when the phone is too far from the watch, after a phone restart, or ...) the Bluetooth connection is lost and will never come back.Face with rolling Eyes
If I could restart the connection that would not be that serious but... I can't!
Android Wear will then start hanging on "Connecting" state and it will not reconnnect until I completely restart the pairing process.


The only way is to reconnect is :
1. Delete the watch in Motorola Connect
2. Delete the watch in Android Wear
3. Hard reset the watch (otherwise it's impossible to start the pairing process)
4. Turn off and turn on bluetooth on Xperia C4
5. Disconnect all other Bluetooth devices (like car audio and BSP10 Speaker)
6. Restart the pairing process
The whole process is taking about 15 minutes and 30% of the watch battery. (because every apps needs to be reinstalled)


What I did so far and did not fix the random disconnection problem :
-Hard resetted 2 times the phone
-Hard resetted 4 times the watch (2x on 5.0 and 2x on 5.1 Android Wear)
-Restarted many times the phone
-Restarted many times the watch
-Tried with the "Sony Smart Connect App" disabled on the phone
-Tried without any extra app on the watch (uninstalled trackID or Sony Music, for example)
-Updated all the apps on the phone
-Tried with a "Blank" phone and "Blank" watch (did not install ANY application)


What I can say :
-The problem occurs even in Android 5.0.2 or 5.1.1 on the watch (Motorola has just rolled out the 5.1.1 OTA)
-The problem occurs with different Moto 360 Watches (tried with the watch of a friend, same problems)
-The problem occurs only on the Xperia C4 (Dual) phone. (works great on a Zopo ZP999, Wiko Highway and Galaxy S3)
-Even after resetting, it is sometimes difficult to find the watch in the Bluetooth list, while every other phone can see the watch perfectly!
-Bluetooth hardware is working perfectly, because I can connect to my car, with my BSP10 speaker and another Bose SLIII Speaker.


Additional information for the watch :

Motorola 360 Watch 

Build LDZ220

Android Wear

Google Play Services 7.5.76 (2002306-534)

Android Platform 5.1.1


Additional information for the phone :

Android 5.0

Model E5333 (Xperia C4 Dual)

Build 27.1.B.1.81

Smart Connect (11 june 2015)


What I think :
There is something that is preventing the watch from being connected properly in the Sony extra Apps.
I think the Smart Connect and Throw (and maybe other) extra apps are bringing a lot of trouble to the Bluetooth connection with the watch.


Since 2 days, Motorola has just rolled out the 5.1.1 update of the Moto 360 watch, the update is now enabling WiFi.
I connected my watch to the wifi and the "Cloud sync" connection is working perfectly in Android Wear.
When there is no Wifi network, the phone/watch are trying to connect back with Bluetooth... and the problems can begin.


Other problem : when the watch is connected to the phone, immediatly after making NFC contact with my Sony BSP10 speaker (to pair them), the connection is lost between the phone and the watch. So if I use my speaker i will have to hard reset my watch.


In fact... every morning I take my watch and I need to start that f*c*in pairing process because of the software bug on the phone.

Can somebody help here?
Is there any update planned?


Thanks in advance,






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Message 2 of 13

Re: Bluetooth problems with Xperia C4 - Android Wear - Motorola 360

Any support from Sony?!
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Message 3 of 13

Re: Bluetooth problems with Xperia C4 - Android Wear - Motorola 360

Yesterday I installed Android Wear 1.1.2016316 update. Everything was working fine for 24 hours.

In the evening I NFC paired with my Sony BSP10 speaker and the game was over.

This morning I had to hard reset my watch to restart the Bluetooth pairing because of that **bleep**in Throw / Smart Connect / whatever Sony extra **bleep**.

And 0 responses from Sony. COOL

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Message 4 of 13

Re: Bluetooth problems with Xperia C4 - Android Wear - Motorola 360

You can add the possibility that this might be something with Moto 360 also, because I have SmartWatch 3 from Sony paired with my Z3 Dual. I never had any problems with pairing or throwing to other bluetooth or NFC devices, including Sony speakers, blueray, headset, and even my car.


However, did you try PC Phone Repair?

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Message 5 of 13

Re: Bluetooth problems with Xperia C4 - Android Wear - Motorola 360

Hello Quester :


Like I said, I tried with two different watches ( 2x moto 360) and the problem is still present.
So you can exclude there is something wrong with the watch.
I tried with 5.0.2 and 5.1.1 on the watch and it has no effect.


My bluetooth hardware is working fine one the phone, too. (other devices are working, like speakers, car, laptop).

So clearly, there is a SOFTWARE issue that drops the pairing and makes Android Wear losing the connection and never coming back.


Yesterday everything was working fine until I used the BSP10 speaker, connection with the watch was lost.
I'm absolutely sure the problem is bound to Sony Smart Connect/Throw/whatever because on other phones it works perfectly! Thinking Face







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Message 6 of 13

Re: Bluetooth problems with Xperia C4 - Android Wear - Motorola 360

Still no support? Slightly frowning Face
Maybe I should send my device in RMA? Angry Face


Anyway : Google rolled out and update of Android Wear :

Since then, the connection to the watch is stable as long I don't use my Sony BSP-10 Speaker.


If I use only one time my Sony BSP-10 the Bluetooth settings are **bleep**ed up by Smart Connect/Throw and I have to restart the pairing with my watch (hard reset every time!)



Hello Sony ?!?!?


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Message 7 of 13

Re: Bluetooth problems with Xperia C4 - Android Wear - Motorola 360

Once again... connection Phone <> Watch lost yesterday.
What happened this time?

Well ... Sony Smart Connect / Throw was trying to connect to my car audio, but the connection was refused. (because the car had already made a connection with my wife's phone)


That was enough to make to whole bluetooth crash once again, and no connection with watch anymore.

After a restart of the phone, restart of the watch, I had no other solution than hard reset ONCE AGAIN the watch and re-pair Bluetooth connection.


Sony, please UPDATE the bluetooth part of the Xperia C4!

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Message 8 of 13

Re: Bluetooth problems with Xperia C4 - Android Wear - Motorola 360



Contact Sony directly

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Message 9 of 13

Re: Bluetooth problems with Xperia C4 - Android Wear - Motorola 360

Contact them for what?
Telling me I should check if my bluetooth is turned on? no thank you.Smiling Face with open mouth & closed Eyes


I had hope to get support here with people who know what they are talking about and not a person following a script on the phone, but it's likely that even here nobody from Sony will help...


Connection was dropped again today and I have still no solution.
If I could root the phone I would be able to uninstall that stupid smart connect / throw combo.



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Message 10 of 13

Re: Bluetooth problems with Xperia C4 - Android Wear - Motorola 360



This forum is for us, users, to help each other, if you want help from Sony, you have to contact your local Xperia care. 

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)