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Bluetooth issues when using smartwatch on the z1s

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Message 1 of 3

Bluetooth issues when using smartwatch on the z1s

I'm having some Bluetooth issues when using my smartwatch. I usually use my z1s with my car radio via Bluetooth to listen to music and for making calls. Now that I got a sony smartwatch I always got problems with the calls. It looks like that the Bluetooth turns off during the call when I'm using the smartwatch. I already tried by deleting and pairing again the z1s, but nothing works. Not sure if maybe the z1s does not support the smartwatch and the care radio Bluetooth connection at the same time. However it works fine when playing music! The problem is just with the calls. This never happens before I got the smartwatch.
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Re: Bluetooth issues when using smartwatch on the z1s

I was not able to recreate this issue, do you have a different phone app?

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Re: Bluetooth issues when using smartwatch on the z1s

I have the Tmobile Z1s and a SW2 and have the same issues with multiple devices:


1) Bose Soundlink Mini

2) Sony MBR-100

3) My car's bluetooth

4) Ford Sync

5) Sony SBH20

6) Motorola S305


If the phone connects to the A2DB device, it will typically play fine for several minutes. Then, audio will drop out. If I do nothing, after several minutes my watch will vibrate to show it has disconnected. Sometimes audio then comes back, and sometimes it doesn't.


Sometimes my phone will not connect to my car. Then, if I can get it to connect, it will only allow for phone audio, not media audio. 


This issue has been on (2) Z1s's with the SW2. The first I returned due to touch screen issues, which the second one also has. All of the devices above worked perfectly fine with my Xperia Z, Galaxy S2, HTC One, etc. The Xperia Z and the SW2 never had any problems.


Honestly, this phone has been incredibly frustrating. If the upcoming updates for either the SW2 or Z1S don't fix this issue, I'm going to return it and get something else.