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Battery drain

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Re: Battery drain

Hello wkapteijn,

This is indeed a Dutch/NL .67 Generic configuration i'm running. Without T-Mobile branding on it because I ordered it through a different channel.

The problem could be really something else. In my honest opinion, it has something to do with the Firmware and Software but NOT the country you are in. It ain't coincidence that people all over the world are reporting TWO MAJOR ISSUES with this phone : Yellow spots when heating up and a seriously battery drainage.

In my honest opinion again, it could be that it has something to do with some processes running on the phone ( see the post of Rashkae ) .So, my guess it's a software-bug most likely. Not a hardware issue.

The .73 firmware is region-specific. And it could be (yes) that is solves the problem. But one SXS user that is telling us that could be the solution  - Rashkae , also froze this kind of perticular process on his phone. So it could be a combination of things. We don't know yet. That's why we (the new fresh customers need Sony, and Sony needs us.

But i've seen people trying do all kinds of crazy stuff to get this issue resolved. Don't know anymore what could be the solution.

I am waiting on a solution from Sony through different channels (this forum, Facebook - Sony Mobile) at this moment, but I get no clear response like you indeed also state in your reply, and lack of customer support in this matter. I don't want to grab the phone yet and give them a good call.
I believe in the power of customer support for almost every issue. Wheither it's by phone or a different channel, it doesn't matter.

If a big userbase is complaining about a serious issue, what do you do? We, (my employer) investigates the issue. Could be that it takes a little longer to resolve it, but at least we gather PROPER information about the issue through different channels and do something with it. Not standing still and waiting till another software release (ICS) is coming (and hoping that this will solve the issue).

How about that Sony Mobile? You will lose a new fresh userbase with these two major issues if you don't

take this seriously and investigate the matter. For most people, it seems that replacing the phone with a new one resolves the yellow spot issue, but for some they've already exchanged it 2 or 3 times in a row. So this perticular issue is most likely a hardware issue.

Quote wkapteijn : Now Markus regarding what you said. You say you don't have hard proof to show your engineers etc. yet we have consistently updated you with reports and you have not given us any indication what kind of 'proof' you need in order to sell this problem to the required departments.

^^ quoted for thruth.

wkapteijn; It dawned on me that your config is running waaaaay longer than mine. You have all kinds of things switched off to prevent the drain. Hell, you can even last a day? While I, left the phone bog standard with just Facebook integration/Gmail and Hotmail, live wallpaper. Nothing else. Mine does....wait for it.... ! : 13 hours and a bit before fully drained when normal used on a daily basis! How about that Sony Mobile? That is NOT normal behaviour for a smartphone.

Again fellow SXS-users, don't get me wrong. I love my new phone ♥, but the battery-drain sucks litteraly. :-(

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Re: Battery drain

Hello Markus,

Clear enough answer, I can understand due to limited forum software that you flagged the thread in that way. No biggie mate.

I do not want to want to go and grab the phone and call you guys. Not yet at least. See my reply to wkapteijn. I believe in the power of customer service through al kinds of different channels.

Wheither you provide a direct solution or not, is not the matter. At least TRY to gather information, and tell us - your new fresh inexperienced customer what you, (Sony Mobile) need in order to get this ball rolling and work on a solution.

Think about the circle of influence. What can YOU do in order to get this ball rolling and help us, the customer.

I have been active on this forum now for three days, bringing my problem under the attention of Sony Mobile. In the course of 2 days (not spamming - will get to that part back later) also leaving a serious message on the Facebook pace which is for customer service, am I right? Well - take me seriously foremost.

First message I did not get a reply at all, got the feeling they didn't see or ignore my post. Second message I get like almost an auto-reply from -Annie/Sony Mobile telling me standard stuff to try it. Again, instead of taking the matter seriously and doing something about it and go further with it. I gave a reply, but no reply back....

Again, this is pretty serious to me due to certain circumstances. Lucky enough, I have a backup phone (dual-sim so I can switch immediately).

I did not spam, but I used the wrong word for what I was thinking (see above). Getting Sony Mobile off their butts and take us, the new fresh userbase/your customer seriously. At least acknowledge the problem and do something with it.

Over the period of time , your customers still will be with your brand because of proper communication alone, and more customers = more income = more stunning hardware.

My apologees for my strong language. For some reason, it got censored. That was not my intention and for some reason it wasn't actually a foul word.

Best regards,


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Re: Battery drain

Intresting. Thank you for you answer. But you probably will understand that I don't want to root my phone in order to get this problem solved, even though I know how, and what to do :smileywink: It is not normal for a 'regular' user to mod his phone in a way such, so it can be proper used on a 24/7 basis. A phone new, fresh out-of-the-box should NOT behave this way.

Can you acknowledge perhaps that before you did your update to .73, and then freezing that perticular process improved the idle/standby time A LOT?

Sony Mobile, are you listening?

It could be a combination of things.

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Re: Battery drain

I can acknowledge that I rooted and froze that process about 2 days after I got the phone, which was on launch day a few weeks ago. So I've been having good battery life for quite a while now.

I only upgraded to .73 last night and DID NOT freeze any processes. The .73 update, on it's own, does a great job with battery life.

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Re: Battery drain

Again intresting my friend, thanks smile happy

What do you, yourself call good battery life?

What do you run in terms of apps/services/syncs, stuff like that and what is your drain - how long can you last on a full charge?

We're getting there... info

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Registered: ‎2012-03-29

Re: Battery drain

Well, for me, I expect to disconnect from the charger at 8am and be at least 15% when I connect again at midnight. During this time, I have:

- Wifi on

- 3G on (auto-switch when I'm away from wifi)

- 30 minutes - 1 hour of calls (maybe more)

- Music (at least 1 hour a day)

- 30-50 SMS

- Corporate email sync (every 5 minutes)

- 2 GMail accounts sync

- Facebook sync

- Whatapp

- Occasional games

- Live wallpaper (I use a thunderstorm live wallpaper)

- Log on to other apps (like XDA, etc)

- Some web surfing and a bit of youtube or

- News widgets

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Re: Battery drain

Terrible battery life on this phone.

Less than a day!

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Re: Battery drain

Battery Life after updating to firmware ver 73.

I had my Google,Facebook,Linked In and Whatsapp sync ups ON.

I also had the GPS ON the whole day and used Google Navigation for around 3 hours.

I used my phone for calling for a total of 85 mins today. Apart from that 2-3 sms and checking some emails.

Display is set to 30%.

It has been 13hrs 45mins till now and my battery still shows 28% Remaining.

That means I can use it for another 2-3 hours for sure. And with such heavy usage, I'll be happy if it lasts 17hrs per day.

Usually I have my gps OFF and dont have anything apart from gmail sync turned on. I'd get around 18-19hrs with ver 62.

Now with such a heavy usage I'm getting nearly 17.

I'll do a normal test tomorrow with moderate usage and post how things are doing. Cos that would be a more valid test for normal users like us.

Hence I believe the battery is performing better with ver 73

Note: Idle battery drain is considerably reduced as well. I had noticed it on the first night after the firmware update.

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Re: Battery drain

Goodmorning Markus,

Any news? Did you find something out?

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Re: Battery drain

Hello there. I'm still trying to get some developers/experts involved on this so we can get a grip of this problem. So nothing new really, sorry.

Interesting though that the .73 update seems to improve the performance.

I'll keep updating this thread as I get new info or something worth to say.