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Battery drain

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Re: Battery drain

So here is the report of my day of 'testing'.

Config used (Sshot one, sorry for the Dutch, sshot I took after testing was donebut the config was identical throughout):

Phone works on latest Sony Xperia S update

Simcard inside the phone and active

Brightness 25%

Backlight off

Wifi off

3G off

Everything else, off

GSM functionality ON

                                                  Sshot one



Turned my phone off last night, attached it to the wall socket for charging with the regular included cable that comes with the device. Let it charge overnight (i.e. 8 to 9 hours).

8:41 AM -> turned on phone and let it go into standby mode

11:10 AM -> 1st check battery status

0:36 PM -> 2nd check battery status + Sshots two and three

                                                  Sshot two


                                                  Sshot three


1:17 PM -> Send one text message (always with the regular SMS system)

1:18 PM -> Received one text message

1:20 PM -> Send one text message

1:23 PM -> Received one text message (after all text messages I turned off the screen immediatly and didn't linger, they were short single text messages and took no more than 15 to 20 seconds to write and read each)

3:16 PM -> Battery check

4:30 PM -> Battery check + screenshots four and five

                                                 Sshot fout


                                                  Sshot five


6:18 PM - 6:19 PM -> End of testing, final battery check and screenshots see below





So there you have it Sony.

3 hours and 45 minutes (+/- see Sshot) on standby -> 10% drainage

9 hours and 30 minutes (+/- see Sshot) on standby -> 25% drainage

9.5 divided by 3.75 = 2.5333333

25% divided by 10% = 2.5

The drainage therefor is completely consistent on standby and a stagering 10% per 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Goodluck in fixing this but I am returning this phone A.S.A.P. thanks to the complete lack of attention that Sony is giving this problem. This problem has already been shown and proven by a couple of the biggest technology blogs/sites/newssites and even results have been shared with Sony yet there is a complete lack of informing the customer.

- No official word from Sony on whether they are looking into the problem

- No official word from Sony on if there is going to be a fix sometime in the future

- No official word on a date for the fix

We are left in the dark and as a student, having spend the last 2 years using fifth hand phones from my brother, cousing, ex girlfriend and so on to make it through and finally getting a new phone now - I am totally disappointed and am returning the phone to get my money back, I cannot afford to wait for Sony to finally do something about this. The state the phone is in from day one that I got it is one of misery.

That concludes my experience with the Sony Xperia S.

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Re: Battery drain

May I ask what you work with? smile happy


I've seen users complain about the battery performance and I've seen them upload screenshots (like the ones in this thread). Me and my colleagues and notified the developers about this (more on a general basis, not really an error report due to the lack of knowledge about the problem).


I honestly don't know what's beeing done on developer level on this matter but I do know it's being monitored (and not only by me). With that said I should also say that we of course always monitor a new product for any potential issue.


About the perception. That's always a factor when talking battery performance, but I'd like to believe I know how to tell the difference between "I expected more" and "this might be a problem". For this case (partly because it's a new phone model) I try to not assume it's a "user error".

I fully get that the whole experience gets a bit, hmm.. reduced (?) when something as important as keeping the device alive are bugging you.

There's so many factors playing a role I don't think we have time to test all possible scenarios so you can turn the network mode back to auto if you want to. The important thing I want you to remember is the safe mode part.

My colleague only talked to one user on this and I had not heard about it myself before so it might be a long shot. I guess it's better than not taking the shot at all. smile happy

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Registered: ‎2010-09-20

Re: Battery drain

I'm sorry to read your comments. Clearly you're not happy and I can understand that.

I would however like to point out that "no official word from Sony..." is a bit unfair.

I've been reading and posting in this thread. We are looking at the problem mentioned here but until we now what the problem is, how many are facing it, what's causing it etc. we can, as I'm sure you understand, not promise a fix or for that matter a timeline on such a solution.

For the time being I cannot offer you a solution. You can always try the standard ways of solving a problem by repairing the software in PC Companion but I cannot make any promises this will fix the problem.

If you return the phone and go for a different one I hope you get a better experience, regardless of what phone you go with.

What do you think about this forum? Let us know by doing this short survey.

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Registered: ‎2012-03-29

Re: Battery drain

I had the exact same issue until I froze the following process:

After that everything just worked great.

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Re: Battery drain

Hello Markus,

What do you mean? The programs i'm working with? All kinds of CRM tools, tracing, logmeinrescue, device info..stuff like that :smileywink:

I saw that this thread has been marked by someone as : This question is Assumed Answered.

No, it has been not. I still don't have a solution for this BIG issue so my question/problem is not answered. Clear enough?

Quote Markus :

when something as important as keeping the device alive are bugging you

When something as SIMPLE as keeping the device alive bugs me. Don't get me started on the important part of this aspect.

Quote Markus :

For the time being I cannot offer you a solution. You can always try the standard ways of solving a problem by repairing the software in PC Companion but I cannot make any promises this will fix the problem.

If you return the phone and go for a different one I hope you get a better experience, regardless of what phone you go with.

I am a FIRST TIME Sony customer. If this matter does not get properly solved by Sony and taken seriously at all (if your devs are aware of this even on a general basis, YOU say they do?!), then it's probably going to be the first and last time working with a Sony device for me.

Let me ask you this, whom can I CALL in order to get support or file an issue/complaint for my LT26i? I am getting pissed off by all of this, really and the lack of customer support.

Best regards,


Ps; I am in no way mad at you Markus, but I hope you can understand my issue.

This is a matter of life and death actually - being reachable all the time without charging it every couple of hours. Perhaps I'll take some next steps, notify some big techblogs, spam your Facebook again (they even fail to respond, how bad is that then?!) and use my own internal resources from my work to get the ball rolling.

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Re: Battery drain

And you did that by doing what and how?

Worked great as in (what do you mean) ? Did you actually noticed the same behaviour when your first used this perticular phone?

A bit more info needed please! smile happy

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Re: Battery drain

35% battery drain in a bit more than 10 hours time, idle/standby.

That's just awful! And that whilst running a bog-standard configuration.

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Registered: ‎2010-09-20

Re: Battery drain

The assumed answered is not to be interpreted as "solution provided". More like "moderator involved". By marking them as assumed answered the thread get's removed from the email alert we get with new unattended threads. It's in no way the best solution but for the time being it's the best this forum platform can offer as it seems.

If you want to call and talk to someone you need to contact the local support office. You can find the phone number here: Make sure to choose the correct country in the drop down list.

If you want to file a complaint you should ask for the manager.

I totally understand your issue but I don't believe in the spamming option. We allow almost anything to be posted on our online channels and we do not censor anything. Spamming and foul language are not allowed though.

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Re: Battery drain

I have been thinking. Your device and my device get the same battery drain on standby (see all our posts with detailed info and Sshots for that), yet their test device for the full review was also giving the exact same drain on standby.

Yet your config is way different than mine or theirs, similar to how I had a sim-card active in the phone and had not. So all three different configs, yet the exact same problem. Plus, these are all Dutch devices am I right?

Mine although ordered from a Belgian website, comes (stangely enough) from the Dutch T-mobile.

Tweakers their device, since they are a Dutch tech site, I assume they got a Dutch test device as well?

You are Dutch, so I assume your device is Dutch as well??

Now I have been following in the run up to getting this phone. They wrote regarding the update for the phone that I have instaled, some users report and comment in their site that they have improved battery life, but I have not.Here is the post:

Can it be a problem that is partially isolated to Dutch Xperia S devices? Yet there are reports all over the internet with all nationalities regarding this battery issue.

Now Markus regarding what you said. You say you don't have hard proof to show your engineers etc. yet we have consistently updated you with reports and you have not given us any indication what kind of 'proof' you need in order to sell this problem to the required departments.

Similar you failed to give us a report on whether the 10% battery drain in standby mode in 3 hours and 45 minutes is considered 'normal' for this phone (phone is totally empty within 26 hours of only standby mode). If it is normal then you will not hear me making this case here. I would have saved me the effort and asked my money back A.S.A.P. and switched brands for good. If the 10% drain is not normal, then give u an indication of what is considered normal. Yet you fail to give any sort of usefull feedback. No offence but you said 'try the standard solutions, such as removing the battery that the woman from Sony NL said I should do, or updating the PC software and phone software, excuse me but I am a die-hard tech maniac and so is WehnerW as you can clearly see from the ammount of details we offer as well as feedback.

I am disappointed in the phone but what bothers me most from everything is the lack of feedback and useful help from Sony. I called up Sony NL, Sony BE, been posting in this designated Sony Xperia S forum and all we get is feedback that does not improve user experience at all. For that reason alone, lack of proper support, I am glad to switch brands. HTC or Samsung, here I come!

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Re: Battery drain

My phone is rooted, and I used titaniumbackup to freeze that program. Yes, I also noticed massive battery drain even on standby with no extra stuff installed.

However, I have now upgraded to the .73 firmware and am also noticing massive improvements in battery life. No need to freeze processes, etc. And I do regular synching of mail, FB, etc.