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Batery life problem

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Batery life problem

Hello !


I have a sony Xperia Z4 since 3 days now but it seems that the battery can't keep 15H at all.

I use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and full luminosity and I lose 6% in 15 min.

I don't play game and I don't have other running program (just opera)

I wonder if the loose is nomal or not.


(sorry for the bad English, I'm french)

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Re: Batery life problem

It is kind of normal for a new phone or phone update to use up the battery rapid in the beginning. Also, one of the major consumption of the battery is the screen. If you have it alot and especially on full luminosity it will consume the battery faster.

Take a look at the link below it could help.
FAQ on Facing Problems with Abnormal Battery.
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Re: Batery life problem

thank you for the answer but, the link is dead

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Re: Batery life problem

Hi L4ncel0t, welcome to the community.


I advise charging the phone to 100% letting it drain down to 10% and then checking what is using up the most battery under Settings > Power management > Battery usage. Let us know what it says.


Some steps on proloning battery life:

  • Turn screen brightness down
  • Turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Mobile data off when not using them
  • Turn Wi-Fi off when in areas with no Wi-Fi connection, your device will consume power trying to search for available Wi-Fi networks. Also in areas with no reception your device will consume power searching for available networks, to save battery put your phone in Airplane Mode in these areas.
  • If you are using a Live wallpaper switch to a non-live wallpaper
  • Set your synchronization applications (used to synchronize your email, calendar and contacts) to synchronize manually. You can also synchronize automatically, but increase the synchronization intervals. 
  • Turn off Auto update apps by going into Play Store > Settings > Auto-update apps > change to Do not auto update apps.
  • Use a Sony original handsfree device to listen to music. Handsfree devices demand less battery power than the phone's loudspeakers
  • Keep the phone in Standby as much as possible
  • Use the Stamina Mode & Low battery mode features - this can be found under Settings > Power management.

If you find these steps haven't helped to prolong the battery life you can factory reset the handset or run a software repair on the device, as a last resort contact your local Sony Xperia Customer Care team. 

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