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Bad news! ICS delayed!

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Re: Bad news! ICS delayed!

lies I tell you, lies, there isn't a minimum hardware requirements for Android

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Re: Bad news! ICS delayed!

@Sony Staff: Is this a 1st april joke?

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Re: Bad news! ICS delayed!

Hello , I was reading this :

and news about ICS from Google site .

I think this article was writing because , the SONY need to justify their upgrade problem. The need to realize us about problems with using ICS on Xperias from 2011. I think this is bullshit. Android ICS is recommended by Google for hardware with 1GB of RAM but , there is now special problems on 512 MB . Android is running on Linux system , with have very gut memory management. SONY don’t try to tell us then “we don’t need to update to ICS because we will get many troubles with our phones” . Just gave us an update , and let us decide to have ICS or NOT .

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Re: Bad news! ICS delayed!

Let's hear this absurdity.

Sony, after 6 month from the first report, promised us to solve the Gps bug in ICS.

This bug was analyzed and fixed on Genuary, so knowing that ICS will be released in april/may, Sony didn't make a small release to correct it that affect thousand of users.

Now not only ICS will be release on June for Neo, but Sony itself say that ICS sxxx angry.

Perhaps Sony doesn't think how many users and money will lose for its inconsiderate behavior !!!

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Re: Bad news! ICS delayed!

they are screwed. they couldnt do it on time. And now they say "your phone will be slower on ICS"

so why did you announce ICS to 2011 phones?

Because they sold a lot of phone by ICS news.They already now from start our phone wont run ICS.

It is marketing policy. But we done a mistake.We bought sony.

It is our fault.

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Re: Bad news! ICS delayed!

well they will loose most of their customers .. GB is not bad ..we can still survive with it hehe .. but what will happen when no one will buy Sony phone lolz

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Re: Bad news! ICS delayed!

There is an interesting update on this:

Updated – comment from the Developer World team:

We would like to clarify that above mentioned “challenges” have already been addressed by our SW engineering teams. For instance, we have not only optimised the RAM management by making the RAM usage for internal apps as good as possible, but we will also introduce a Performance assistant at start up when running ICS. In this Performance assistant, you can enable and disable certain services that you might not want to run on your phone, in order to optimise the performance of your phone.

We have also worked with quite a few partners in regards to architecture optimisations for SQL handling. In addition, we have also optimised the hardware usage. And as a result of this article, a number of app developers have notified us that they are evaluating if HW optimisation will be needed or not for their apps.

The aim of this article was to share our knowledge regarding the different characteristics for ICS and Gingerbread in an open way, as we strive to have an open communication with the developer community. All in all, we would like to point out that it’s our clear aim to deliver an as good ICS update as ever possible. As you might have seen on the Sony Xperia Product Blog, we’re not far from releasing it now. Thanks for all the feedback!

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Re: Bad news! ICS delayed!

Some relief from this updated Article...I know that Sony wont let us down!!!!

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Re: Bad news! ICS delayed!

relief just on startup services.. when you'll use app its going to lag like anything.. you have to kill services every now and then...

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Re: Bad news! ICS delayed!

first positive response from their side