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BRICKED MY xperia u :(

One time poster
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Message 1 of 3

BRICKED MY xperia u :(


I was trying to upgrade my xperia u to jelly bean via cm10. This is my first attempt on this and i hope i have bricked it. 

This is the current status of my phone:

Phone Not Booting ! When i press power button, only vibrates once and never boots up.
Followed few older threads on this and tried with flashtool, phone connects in flash mode but flashing any ftf never succeeds. Error flashing. aborted everytime.

The last step i did before the phone went dead was : fastboot flash boot boot.img with FXP236-cm-10-20130910-UNOFFICIAL-urushi build.

The phone is rooted/bootloader unlocked(followed the steps from sony site)/Clockwordmod installed

This is the page which tempted me to go for the upgrade : androidlegend's "Update Xperia U ST25i to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean via Cyanogenmod 10"

Please please help me on this.

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Re: BRICKED MY xperia u :(

Hello my friend . I can solve your problem . Please post the error with pic you received while upgrading. I can surely help you on this.

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Re: BRICKED MY xperia u :(

DUDE CHILL Face with stuck-out Tongue

you havent bricked your phone :p  most people misuse the term ''bricked'' a bricked phone would be a phone that is completely unresponsive to anything and its only serves as an expensive paper weight. but as in your case the phone vibrates and thus there fore it is fixable .. .so all you need is patience ...

the problem with your phone maybe an error with the boot.img of the cm 10 you downloaded 

you might want to try a different boot.img with working cwm and restore the backup you made of your previous rom or install a different rom 

notice : if you are not sure of what to do or the steps mentioned are not clear and have a doubt ? DO NOT TRY IT before ASKING Face with stuck-out Tongue 

if i helped you please do give kudos Face with stuck-out Tongue
thank you Grinning Face