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Andaman Islands & New Dehli, India


Andaman Islands & New Dehli, India

So, I know there's a lot of Indian users on this forum and I'm hoping I can get some good tips from you (other can of course contribute as well). smile happy

I'm going to the Andaman Islands i January/February for some vacation.

I will spend most the time on Havelock Island and Neil Island.

Has anyone been to these islands? Do you know anyone who's been there?

I'll spend half a week in New Dehli as well. What is a MUST see? smile happy


Re: Andaman Islands & New Dehli, India

wow awesome smile happy awesome awesome smile happy

i'm feeling very good and i'm realy glad and i would like to help you..

well i''m from new delhi :smileywink: i have never been to the andaman islands but i'll search all the attractions of the islands..

well here are the attractions of new delhi smile happy

  • Akshardham temple

          YOU HAVE TO GO HERE..promise me you will smile happy

          its amazing...and i'm sure you wouldn't have seen anything like's simply awesome....

here are some pics..

awesome right..and it will look far more awesome if you see it standing there

The beautiful mandir built without steel, consists of 234 ornately carved pillars, 9 ornate domes, 20 quadrangled shikhars, a spectacular Gajendra Pith (plinth of stone elephants) and 20,000 murtis and statues of India’s great sadhus, devotees, acharyas and divine personalities.

then you have other great things :smileywink:

  1. hall of values

   2. giant screen film


   3. boat ride


  4. musical fountain


  5. garden of india


for full details

well this is one  of the attraction , i'll be adding more places smile happy


Re: Andaman Islands & New Dehli, India

Thanks! smile happy

I will have to talk everything through with my friend whom I will travel with but this looks cool. That temple looks amazing!

I know New Dehli is a huge city and there's probably no good answer to this but where do you reckon we should live if we want to see as much as possible? Should we go with the logic and try to find a hotel in the very city center or are there better places?

We're also talking about taking a trip to Taj Mahal. Is it worth it? ...or is it just a tourist trap? It looks pretty impressive.

I've been at (and inside) the Giza pyramids in Kairo and that was some impressive stuff. I image this can be something similar. smile happy


Re: Andaman Islands & New Dehli, India

  • Qutub Minar

well this is another great monument here in delhi smile happy

qutub 1.jpg



well its a good place... well if you are coming here so i dont want you to miss all this...  smile happy


Re: Andaman Islands & New Dehli, India

  • Red Fort

This colossus citadel made by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan is pride of Delhi. The mighty fort spreading in 2.4 km is built with red stone and thus got the name Red Fort or Lal Quila.



and if you come here dont forget the CHANDNI CHOWK MARKET :smileywink:

it even has its own wikipidea page smile happy

here are some pics..Chandni-Chowk-Market-New-Delhi-India.jpg

india_tours_chandni_chowk_market_view_ Delhi_1.preview.jpg

well its crowded a little bit but its worth going smile happy


its basically a lane full of shops who serves paranthas ( fried indian breads ) you have to try them :smileywink:

the street has its own wiki page smile happy

these are some famous shops in chandni chowk smile happy

and in chandni chowk itself you have the JAMA MASJID ( mosque )


this is the main entrance smile happy /\



Re: Andaman Islands & New Dehli, India

hmm ok....

so there are many hotels , you will find in any place smile happy

there is a place called " paharganj" if yours is a budget trip you will get rooms here at very low price smile happy

there are just hotels here laugh

and it has metro connectivty , you can go to any part of delhi on the delhi metro smile happy ( another thing to see )


you can go to akshardham , cannaught place ( awesome shoping place . images coming smile happy ) red fort , jama masjid , chandni chowk , qutub minar and many more places smile happy )

so in short , metro will be your personal vehicle :smileywink:

( you can get a  metro card , just ask the metro guys for one day metro card , you will be charged only once and you can travel in metro for a full whole day with no further cost smile happy you can exit and enter several times )

so coming back to hotels..

paharganj is the place for you :smileywink: good hotles , metro connectivity and al things are available there...

most of the tourists stays there only smile happy

otherwise if you want you can have good hotels in cannaught place .. but charges will be high smile happy

there are also bed and breakfast schemes avaialble in delhi..

for more you can check this... :smileywink:


Re: Andaman Islands & New Dehli, India

for shopping smile happy cannaught place and janpath is the place :smileywink:

again it has metro connectivity ( rajiv chowk station )

anything and every shop is there smile happy

theres a famous pastry shop called the wengers you have to try it :smileywink:

its in the inner circle..


well i hope i have helped :smileywink:


Re: Andaman Islands & New Dehli, India


Re: Andaman Islands & New Dehli, India

well yes taj mahal is also a place to see smile happy

if you want any detailed  information , then only hire a guide..

well but i think you should not smile happy

you can look at all the things by yourself..

theres no need..and you said it correct , i am not proud of this but they misguide tourists and extract money so you will be better off without a guide smile happy

one more warning : guides will flood you laugh haha..... they will be all over , around you ..just a warning silly


Re: Andaman Islands & New Dehli, India

You're on fire! smile happy Thanks for all the tips.

I only have 4 days in New Dehli so I won't have time for all this but I'll sit down and have a look at this and see what my friends think about it. smile happy Thanks again!