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Airtel offering 500 MB data

One time poster
Posts: 10
Registered: ‎2012-03-18

Re: Airtel offering 500 MB data


you told that the offer got activated on 15th day of your purchase.. So I will wait till that time...

Thanks for the information..

One time poster
Posts: 10
Registered: ‎2012-03-18

Re: Airtel offering 500 MB data

I want the moderator(especially) of this forum to read this...

     As part of the above issue, I contacted the airtel cc and the reply given to me was they have no idea regarding this offer please contact your point of sale or SONY support team, so I went to the store where I purchased, he said that they are not responsible for the products advertised by SONY mobiles, neither for the offers provided by airtel and suggested me to copmlaint in the support centre's toll free number (1800-3000-2800) which I have done...


Conversation 1 : customer (me) & support center's representative

     I have addressed my issue to the representative and replied me "Sir, We don't have any information regarding offer advertised to you".. The offer is advertised by the dealer and not by SONY, Kindly contact your point of sale

He was speaking like he is not working for SONY mobiles at all...angry

Conversation 2 : Dealer(the shop where I purchased) & support center's representative

     The dealer got angry for pointing out him as the culprit and shouted the representaive speaking on phone. He was replied back by the rep as "Sorry sir, the offer is no longer valid" (Kindly note the mixed behaviour of representatives working for SONY mobiles)

Conversation 3 :me & support center's representative (this time,the senior most manager)

     After speaking for 31 mins, the senior most manager of the support team asked me to send the snapshots of the offer given along with the mobile pack which I had purhased, and mail it to which I had done(twice) and now(half an hor ago) when I called the support team, they said that we haven't received any mail from you sir, Kindly wait till monday, so that our e mail team will handle this...

I have recorded all the conversations happened and gave them 3 options to chose one among them...

1. Either activate the advertised offer to my mobile

2.Return me back my money which I have invested to buy this product and finally,

3.I have to register a case against the company who have a worthless support team with no idea regarding the offers available within the company...

I am also attaching the snapshots the offer given to me...


Posts: 1,343
Registered: ‎2010-04-23

Re: Airtel offering 500 MB data

I wish I could offer you more information, but this is not a promotion that can be ACTIVATED by our company.

The offer was included in the package, true, but the offer is from Airtel (notice the Terms and Conditions can be found at not

If you SMS 3G to 121 as listed, do you get any reply about the service being activated? I am not an Airtel user, so I'm not sure if this refers to anything else.

In you post, unless I'm mistaken you mentioned contacting airtel once. I advise doing so again, and also seeing if you can find the T&C on their website for this promotion and read them fully.

Forum Legend
Posts: 5,069
Registered: ‎2012-01-10

Re: Airtel offering 500 MB data

Hey friend
This offer is being provided by Airtel and not by Sony.

None of the persons here can help you with this.
Contact the place from where you bought the phone or Airtel customer care ( call 198 )

I can see , on the slip it's written "insert sim into handset to activate offer". It's strange that it didn't activate till now,

I hope you bought this mobile from some trusted retailer , and even you received the sim card in sealed pack condition

smile happy

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One time poster
Posts: 10
Registered: ‎2012-03-18

Re: Airtel offering 500 MB data

I have purchased the mobile from sony ericsson experience store in chennai... The pack didnt included any sim card... When I contacted airtel cc, they replied me that the offer can be activated if and only if I recieve a message, but i have not received any such kind of messages till now... And can anyone locate me in the airtel website regarding this offer? I am unable to locate it

Posts: 0

Re: Airtel offering 500 MB data

Here is the link for the offer from the airtel website.

And I contacted airtel cc regarding this and it seems clear that airtel is no longer supporting this offer but honestly they should support it as they clearly have stated on their website that the offer is valid till 31st march 12.Also did u try visiting any airtel relationship centre regarding this problem?

One time poster
Posts: 10
Registered: ‎2012-03-18

Re: Airtel offering 500 MB data


Thanks a lot for the link...

Yes, I do visited an airtel relationship centre. But they are ******* They don't even respect the customers visiting the centre. They shouted at me and asked me to go the dealer from where I purchased the mobile... What a shame for airtel !!!