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ARC/ARC S Battery drain problem Solved Finally !!!!!

One time poster
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Message 1 of 51

ARC/ARC S Battery drain problem Solved Finally !!!!!

Finally my ARC S is giving execellent battery backup.

Almost double battery backupSmiling Face with open mouth & closed Eyes

Please find this thread below

Please check this thread from XDA.


Hello guys

Today i am going to give you a very small tip may you people like it ....
i used 2.3.4_283 firmware in Arc for a long time , after that i flashed 42 firmware and feel that its drain battery fast as compare to 283 firmware either you are using you phone or it is in deep sleep mod
Then i flashed 58 firmware and after that 62 firmware but battery drains still fast
then i try one thing on my arc i get the Kernel from 283 firmware and flashed it on all three version of firmwares ( 42, 58, 62 ) and notice that the issue of fast battery drain is solved it is only because of 283 kernel "

now i am using 42 firmware with baseband 64 and kernel from 283 firmware

It does'n matter what ever the firmware you are using or what ever the baseband you are using ....... you need to use kernel from 283 firmware only for low battery drains ..............

i attached kernel from global generic wold 283 firmware also...

How to flash different Kernels

1) connect your phone into fast boot

2) open cmd

3) fastboot devices
(write this command and enter it to check your phone is connected in
fastboot or not)

4) then write this and enter

fastboot flash boot kernel.sin

Done ..........

remember to copy kernel .sin file in that folder from where you are going to launch cmd


I have done this already and my ARC S works completely fine.

This how I have done it



  1. LT18i_4.0.2.A.0.58(2.3.4)_HK firmware (Download from here)
  2. The Kernel from .283 (Download the KERNEL here)
  3. Flash Tool ( Download from here)
  4. WinZip/Winrar or any other similar software. 



Step 1: Download the LT18i_4.0.2.A.0.58 (2.3.4) _HK firmware

  • Unzip the firmware *.ftf file using WinZip or Winrar.
  • You will get a folder like this.


Step 2: Download the Kernel file

  • Unzip the file
  • You will get a file named “Kernel.sin


Step 3: Copy the “Kernel.sin” file

  • Paste the file to the firmware (LT18i_4.0.2.A.0.58 (2.3.4) _HK) folder and replace it.




Step 4: Copy the LT18i_4.0.2.A.0.58 (2.3.4) _HK folder


Step 5: Paste the folder within firmwares folder


Step 5: Click on Flash Tool .exe

  • Click on Advanced from the menu
  • Select bundle creation


Step 6: Click “select source folder” (click on the doted button)


Step 7: Select the folder that you have copied in Flash Tool/ firmwares folder (LT18i_4.0.2.A.0.58 (2.3.4)


Step 8: You will get all the file list on the left side


Step 9: Select all file and click on the “Right Arrow” button.

  • All files should be now at right side.


Step 10: Put anything in this 3 boxes (doesn’t really matter)

I have put following

  • Device:  LT18i
  • Version:  0.58_283
  • Branding: Stock SE


Step 11: Click OK and wait.


Step 12: When you will see the "Finished bundle creation"  message, then the firmware is ready.

Step 13: Check the Flash Tool/firmwares folder. You should get your new firmware “LT18i_0.58_283_Stock SE.ftf” file there.


IF you DO, then just flash your device with this firmware.

All done.


  • I am not responsible if anything goes wrong, so proceed carefully, do not miss any step.
  • I have tested this kernel combination with both 0.42 & 0.58 firmware and it works fine in ARC S.
  • 0.62 firmware (didn’t worked for me)
  • You can easily root this firmware using the zergRush method.

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Accepted Solutions
One time poster
Message 20 of 51
Message 20 of 51

Re: ARC/ARC S Battery drain problem Solved Finally !!!!!

No. 1: The phone is asking for an update because you are using an old "KERNEL". If you update now, it will revert back your kernel version 0.58 stock. So again the battery drain problem might occur. Your firmware version is 0.58, so it's fine, do not worry about the kernel.

So it is upto you, using an old kernel won't affect your phone function.

No. 2: After pressing this *#*#7378423#*#* check model info and if it says LT18i, then it should be fine.

No. 3: If you want the latest firmware update 0.62, then it is mentioned above @ uliwooly-wooly post.

Here's the link again.

The update process is well explained there. Please check.

No. 4: The latest update of 0.62 firmware may not be able to combined with the old kernel. It didn't worked for me. So I stick with the old kernel.

**** I have checked, the above kernel combination trick works only with 0.42/0.58 firmware version now.

View solution in original post

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Message 2 of 51

Re: ARC/ARC S Battery drain problem Solved Finally !!!!!



One time poster
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Message 3 of 51

Re: ARC/ARC S Battery drain problem Solved Finally !!!!!

I am using 58 firmware with .283 stock kernel.

1. You can use the above “command prompt” method to change kernel


2. You can flash the kernel using the Flash tool using fast boot


3. You can combine the .283 kernel & .58 firmware and create a new firmware. Then flash your phone with this new firmware.

I followed the 3rd step.

My ARC S giving great results after flashing with this.


  • Let the MOD and Experts try this first & comment, then others should try.
  • I will not be responsible if you damaged your phone by trying this.
  • I am not an expert but I still try everything with my device, b‘cos that’s the fun of using Android, right?
  • You can also root your device using zergRush method after flashing. (No problem)

Forum Legend
Message 4 of 51
Message 4 of 51

Re: ARC/ARC S Battery drain problem Solved Finally !!!!!

I'd added a pre-rooted update

Arc/S LT15i/a -18i/a 2.3.4 4.0.2.A.0.62 (pre-rooted version too)

One time poster
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Message 5 of 51

Re: ARC/ARC S Battery drain problem Solved Finally !!!!!

does .62 version works well with .283 firmware?

Forum Legend
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Message 6 of 51

Re: ARC/ARC S Battery drain problem Solved Finally !!!!!

It loops but I'll keep trying

Message 7 of 51
Message 7 of 51

Re: ARC/ARC S Battery drain problem Solved Finally !!!!!

everything gone over my head Smiling Face with open mouth & closed Eyes

Unregistered user
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Message 8 of 51

Re: ARC/ARC S Battery drain problem Solved Finally !!!!!

mm, you mean that works with Arc S without any problem? That's great!

I have a LT18i with .42 version. my Arc's battery sometimes really disappoint me, bust still i wait for the final result. keep up.

One time poster
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Message 9 of 51

Re: ARC/ARC S Battery drain problem Solved Finally !!!!!

After using this combined Firmware and Kernel, following is the result on battery performance.

After 8 hours of normal use, Still 85% battery left. In this whole time my display was set on 40%.

If see closely that, the phone signal was also quite weak for sometimes, so there was some pressure on the battery as well. Still 85% left.Slightly smiling Face


Previously after same amount use I had 65-70 % battery left max.

So the above technique works for me.Slightly smiling Face

Message 10 of 51
Message 10 of 51

Re: ARC/ARC S Battery drain problem Solved Finally !!!!!

nah , its normal for me...

i get somewhat same battery without doing this all Dizzy Face

moreover , your phone was not much awake \ screen on..

but if you believe it worked then who am i to say..