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4.3 update very slow for xperia m, 4.3 update review

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4.3 update very slow for xperia m, 4.3 update review

Recently i updated my xperia m from 4.1.2 to 4.3,

I dont have any other launchers installed or much modication, its stock and unrooted official android .

The overall verdict is very messy.

On the one hand it gives some nice features\pros as


1. add widgets to lock screen,Use Dashclock widget to get most out of this feature.


2. new smoother app drawer,thaks to project butter. everyhting is so elastic and has nice effect.


3. better camera UI with bust mode,


4. better movies app with subtitle support however its cramped even with large font style.


5. better looking keyboard with one hand mode available but not needed with this screen size. wished the background gray color was translucent.

Also the default word suggestion before writing was puntuations earlier, now this has been changed to words like TO THE I.


6. better looking contacts app


7. internal storage size increased as operating system takes less space.


8. talkback issues solved


9. better album app with access to notification bar while viewing photos


10. better power saving mode


11. better integration of lockscreen music widget with music apps other than walkman.


12.multiple small apps can be opened at a time and also widgets can be opened as small apps.


whereas this update has lots of problems\(earlier overlooked problems) like


1. very slow , sometimes if you edit using keyboard ,then keyboard takes lots of time for showing up and animation.

    if someone calls, number will be shown and it'll take 3-4 seconds to display the name of contact.

    similarly contacts app is too slow to populate contacts.

    screen lock and unlock is again slow and unsnappy as before.

   opening recent apps is also slow.

  i am staing slow here as in comparison with 4.1.2 version.


2. heating problem/ battery drainage problem.

 earlier phone used to stay at 33-34 C now its 39-40 C avg.


3.walkman app still not able to edit playlists stored on sd card.

  I use other music player like google play music to do so.


4.No way to directly open walkman from lockscreen unless you add widget for it, which becomes redundant while playing music. Previous design was much more elegant.

This can be solved by using widget like lockscreen shortcuts.


5. transparency of notication bar and navigation bar reduced from 4.1.2 version.


6.In call sreen design not changed which puts the call on hold due to bad placement of hold button during call. i.e. The proximity sensor fails to work all the time leading to this cause.

I am using flip cover with a hole near microphone at bottom right corner. themes which promises to work with 4.3 and above doesnt work here.


8. headsets from other manufacturers are still not working for call.even though they claim to have same earpods are not working in my case.though headphone speakers are working while listening to music.

During call a buzzing sound is heard at both end and nothing else. and videos widgets gets new design which is less appealing to me than previous version.


10. no lyrics(stored in id3v2 tags) support for walkman app ,which sony claims to be the best in market.

  shuttle music player does the same and even symbian s60 series player had this function.


11. recent apps function takes more time to open than before.


12. Screen remains inactive while operating with widgets on lockscreen.


13. in 4.1.2 when u touch and hold top of screen, notification panel will drop and show time and date. this feature is removed now.


14. toggles for airplane mode and nfc doesn't work as used to in 4.1.2 , now u will be taken to settings app. So toggles works merely as shortcut.

Still no way to add or edit shortcuts at notfication bar,Have to use notification toggle app.


15. volume of movies app is still very low, in crowdy places u have to use third party app like EQ or any other apps like MXplayer or VLC which has their s/w decoders for enhancing the audio. 


16. Screen brightness at lowest level is still bright for night, I thinks thats due to the ips lcd screen and android combination (as ipads have ips lcd and their brightness level is excellent).

Use Apps like LUX to decrease brightness further.


17. To uninstall an app u have to get out of folder ,select uninstall then go inside folder and then uninstall.

I think this round the way path could have been minimized.


18. Still no way to disable the xperia chinese keyboard so that the select keyboard notification can be get rid off.


19 also launching google now from swiping home button is gone.


i hope this issues will be solved with next update. And hope that update is 4.4 kitkat.

i seriously believe this mobile has the potential to be best in this price range givng a competition to moto g.

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Re: 4.3 update very slow for xperia m, 4.3 update review

Hi Arun... 


Its great observation and nicely expressed. Thanks man 


Apart I am getting some issue with Wifi also. Either it is stuck to Authenticating or to obtaining IP.

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Message 3 of 3

Re: 4.3 update very slow for xperia m, 4.3 update review

same problems im face....if sony does'nt do anything about these issues...then sony **bleep**