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Please read this if you considering unlocking the boot loader or rooting your phone.

Important information

Please note that you may void the warranty of your phone and/or any warranty from your operator if you unlock the boot loader. You should only unlock the boot loader of your phone if you are an advanced user with good knowledge of the technology and risks involved.

For more information go here

Please also note

The Sony Xperia support team will not be able provide any support, related to unlocking the boot loader or rooting your phone.

We also recommend you to read the below blogposts.

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Sony Xperia support team

z3 d6603 brick help needed !

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z3 d6603 brick help needed !

hello, i am facing a big problem with my z3, one day i was out and using my phone, i noticed earlier when i woke up that altho the phone was charging it was saying i have 1% battery, and suddenly it would jump back to 55% , then minutes later go back to 1% .  i have a power bank with me, and tried charging it, didn't want to charge and keeps jumping with battery %...


i didn't pay much attention, till the end of the day i got home and suddenly my phone is dead, i tried charging it, it would show the battery sign, but only red bars and not charging, then it would shut down and pretty much does the same thing over and over when i plug the charger, and it does that even when i remove the battery and try to turn it on while its plugged to wall/power bank, so its not the battery that's causing the issue .


i tried flashing a new recovery and new kernal thought its my custom rom causing it, but the phone keeps rebooting during fastboot or flash mode.....


what should i do ? i tried taking the battery out and cleaning it but it seems normal and theres no damage done to the phone recently ...  


please help , i love my phone.

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Re: z3 d6603 brick help needed !

Uhm.. How did you take the battery out... Ok, maybe I don't want to know.. I will safely assume your phone is without warranty at this point.

So, if you can take out the battery and cleaning the contacts, while the battery is disconnected... Can you connect just the charger and trying to turn on the phone? Does it works?

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Wizardry is the key!
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Re: z3 d6603 brick help needed !

i know how to distmantle my phone, i replaced the screen with a new one aswell, so removing the battery isn't difficult.,


phone still behaves the same when i remove the battery .

One time poster
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Re: z3 d6603 brick help needed !

anything new regarding this post? my D6616 has a similar issue. I've replaced the digitizer due to a fall and the battery due to the oem charge cable breaking and arking out on the phone end of þ usb. the battery came with 50% charge according to my display. everything was working fine until I realized it wasn't charging. Completely drained battery and when I try to charge red led, low battery 🔋 is indicated on display along with ⚡ lightning bolt then black screen followed by led, display, black screen over and over again. if I constantly hold Vol-down as I plug in charger cable red led alternats on/off over & over until vol-down da released, then onscreen 🔋 Display appears. that's the only things I can get out to do