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Welcome to the Open Devices community!

This is where we discuss open source and development related questions on our Open Devices initiative.

Current issues with AOSP on Xperia XZ (Tone/Kagura)

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Message 1 of 1

Current issues with AOSP on Xperia XZ (Tone/Kagura)

Some of these issues already have topics, but there is lot of uncomplete information and other issues, so i want to start a fresh topic which shows all current issues with AOSP on the Xperia XZ (and maybe other devices?) that i experienced.


I think almost all of these are related to the firmware and so only can be fixed by Sony.


9.0.0_r44 does not work at all

The system builds fine and boots up, but if you open any app an switch back to the launcher, the whole system crashes. This even happens if you use alternative launchers. It does not happen 100% of the time but like 90% of the time. The longer you are in the app, the higher is the chance it crashes when you press the home button.

But not the launcher crashes, the whole UI crashes including all running applications. That means all applications are closed.


The Camera no longer works

Since 3 firmware releases or so, the camera no longer works. After a fresh reboot, the first shot you take works fine. If you close the camera app then and re-open it, everything does have a green tint, if you close it again, it doesn't start up at all.

This also happens with alternative camera apps like Simple Camera and FreeDCam.

Last tested with 9.0.0_r41


Random system reboots from time to time

The system randomly reboots completely. It just locks up and than after like 5 seconds, you get to see the splash screen (This Device has been unlocked bla bla untrusted bla bla)


This happens randomly. Sometimes it happens 5 times a day, sometimes it happens like every 30 minutes for 3-4 times, sometimes it doesn't happen for a week at all. I wasn't able to see a pattern here but at least for me, it happens very rare and this is not a minor issue.


Wrong white balance

When you restart the phone or use the invert color feature, the white balance is wrong. This happens since the latest firmware release from may. The white balance is at roughly 5000K.


If you go to the advanced settings in the android settings menu, you see an option to change the white balance. In this it is set to 6000K. If you set it to something else, for example 6500K and then set it back to 6000K, the white balance is correct, white is white.


But if you use an feature like invert colors, the white balance, again, is wrong and back at 5000K (the settings still say 6000K)