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Welcome to the Open Devices community!

This is where we discuss open source and development related questions on our Open Devices initiative.

Is the XZ2 compact supported by the open devices program?

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Is the XZ2 compact supported by the open devices program?

Hey there,


<little rant>I bought an xperia XZ2 compact about.. a year ago or so? and instantly unlocked the bootloader with the intention of flashing it as I am accustomed to do with new (portable pocket) computers. My experience with the open devices program on my older Z1 compact and Z5 compact was very good and while the hardware has almost given out, the software on it still rocks.

However with this device my experience has been a little.. less pleasant. Instead of simply unlocking the bootloader, a lot of software seemed to have gotten removed that was required to normally operate the device. The camera is still in its crippled state, with a black preview and video recording outright not working, let alone the amazing 960FPS mode it had, unfortunately I have not been able to experience any of it. On top of that there were no roms and no ways to build a ROM available.

So I was rather enraged at the time, angry that the official website would just instruct a user to cripple their own device and void the warranty at the same time without giving any warning about outright broken hardware and missing features, and have been feverishly waiting for any news on the open device support for the XZ2 compact, but as of yet, even though there's reports that the XZ2 is in the open devices program, I have yet to be able to find my H8314 in the build menu when I pull the latest version from the sony github.</rant>


 <actual question>

Is the Xperia XZ2 compact (specifically the H8314) available in the open devices program? Am I doing something wrong with my git clone? do I need to use some specific branch? I've used the official instructions but I am unable to build a ROM. Could someone please help?



Developer World
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Re: Is the XZ2 compact supported by the open devices program?



the XZ2 Compact is supported by the Open Devices program