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Welcome to the Open Devices community!

This is where we discuss open source and development related questions on our Open Devices initiative.


Message 11 of 19
Message 11 of 19

Re: Bugs

I'm having a Sony Xperia M2 (D2303) and kernel AU_LINUX_ANDROID_LA.BF.2.1_RB1.


it seems I'm also having issues with bluetooth. However, phone works!


dmesg when trying to enable bluetooth:

<3>[ 125.399276] hcismd_set_enable 0
<3>[ 125.402008] hcismd_set_enable 1<6>[ 125.403545] Bluetooth: opening HCI-SMD channel :APPS_RIVA_BT_ACL
<6>[ 125.403551] Bluetooth: opening HCI-SMD channel :APPS_RIVA_BT_CMD
<6>[ 125.403596] Bluetooth: HCI device registration is starting
<6>[ 125.404403] Bluetooth: HCI device un-registration going on
<3>[ 125.407274] Bluetooth: Frame for unknown HCI device (hdev=NULL)
<3>[ 125.412159] Bluetooth: Frame for unknown HCI device (hdev=NULL)


update: suddenly bluetooth worked (I could see other devices). But turning bluetooth off and on again gave me (again) a non-working bluetooth (the on slider doesn't turn blue and even resulted in a reboot once).... dmesg also shows always the same messages (at least when I search on the bluetooth word)

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Message 12 of 19

Re: Bugs

update (and questions) for AOSP 5.1:

- just tested the 31 march Eagle build from no call and bluetooth issues

- my own build (per Sony instructions) has call but also the same bluetooth issues

- both builds also do not shut down properly (after shutting down the Xperia M2, the device comes back on after a few seconds: this is not the case with AOSP kitkat or stock android.


bluetooth: sometimes it works (I have already been able to transfer files), but most of the time not....  (turning bluetooth on has no effect: the slider goes back to "off"). Logcat shows continuously "Process (pid xxx) has died"


If I can help in finding the cause: please let me know!

(I'm generally VERY interested in learning how to tackle these issues and how you guys work on the kernel and AOSP: e.g. the whole driver/firmware/blob thing is very difficult to understand)


Thanks for the Open Devices initiative!

Developer World
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Message 13 of 19

Re: Bugs



thanks for your interest


#adb shell




#adb shell



can help you identify the problem


kernel 3.10 is work in progress and will take time and effort to make it stable



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Message 14 of 19

Re: Bugs

Built AOSP for Aries but it gets stuck at sony logo






When trying to go to Recovery on custom ROM I get a blank screen (no flashing just blank display off),



Above compiled with 2015-04-14: AOSP Lollipop binaries

Compiling again, now with new binaries


AOSP boots with SW_binaries_for_Xperia_AOSP_L_MR1_v5 .

But, I get "No SIM card - no service"






Compiled new build with added 23.1.A.0.690 modem files and sim card detection works fine.

Kernel and modem also work on custom ROM.


Great work.

I guess switching back to Sony was a wonderful choice.


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Message 15 of 19

Re: Bugs

First of all,

Major audio improvements with latest changes:

  • Microphone working
  • Speaker working in calls

Some of the issues remaining:

  • QC-QMI flooding logs with errors
  • Apps crash especially after/during calls or when wifi in use, often causing reboots
  • USB OTG memory devices do not work, (after detching memory devices, phone does not get detected when connecting to pc to pull logcat/dmesg)


After yesterdays changes phone has not crashed yet. No FCs.

Seemed to be from memory configs in cmdline changes to

Message 16 of 19
Message 16 of 19

Re: Bugs

1) I see often kswapd0 using a lot of CPU (up to 50%)

2) almost constant errors and warnings of thermanager in logcat 


device = Xperia M2

AOSP 5.1 build of may 4


best regards

Message 17 of 19
Message 17 of 19

Re: Bugs

Yup the kswapd0 seems to be a troublemaker in combination with lowmemorykiller. I noticed kholk already did some things on the lowmemorykiller but I guess the swap thing also needs to be reviewed. Maybe some checking on mm/vmscan.c
Message 18 of 19
Message 18 of 19

Re: Bugs

During call, when using loudspeaker the person on the other side can hear their own voice echoing.

It seems that the mic is picking up the voice from the speaker and relaying it back.



In-call volume does not change at all when trying different volume levels( volume rocker / notification both do not affect the volume even though the slider moves)






OTG Storage seems to be detected(dmesg)

<6>[ 1296.367621] usb 1-1: New USB device found, idVendor=0bda, idProduct=0109
<6>[ 1296.367665] usb 1-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
<6>[ 1296.367701] usb 1-1: Product: USB2.0-CRW
<6>[ 1296.367733] usb 1-1: Manufacturer: Generic
<6>[ 1296.367764] usb 1-1: SerialNumber: 20090815198100000
<6>[ 1296.410218] usb-storage 1-1:1.0: USB Mass Storage device detected
<6>[ 1296.413918] scsi1 : usb-storage 1-1:1.0

But, in Settings/Storage/USB Storage the options to mount/erase SD card can not be selected


E/EventHub(  884): could not get driver version for /dev/input/mouse0, Not a typewriter
D/EventHub(  884): No input device configuration file found for device 'mhl-rcp'.
E/KeyLayoutMap(  884): /system/usr/keylayout/mhl-rcp.kl:4: Expected key code label, got 'VENDOR_TV_CENTER'.
W/EventHub(  884): Unable to disable kernel key repeat for /dev/input/event6: Function not implemented
I/EventHub(  884): New device: id=8, fd=181, path='/dev/input/event6', name='mhl-rcp', classes=0x9, configuration='', keyLayout='/system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl', keyCharacterMap='/system/usr/keychars/Generic.kcm', builtinKeyboard=false, wakeMechanism=EPOLLWAKEUP, usingClockIoctl=true
I/InputReader(  884): Device added: id=8, name='mhl-rcp', sources=0x00002103
D/Index   ( 1702): Indexing locale 'en_US' took 61 millis
I/EventHub(  884): Removing device '/dev/input/mouse0' due to inotify event
I/EventHub(  884): Removing device mhl-rcp due to epoll hang-up event.
I/EventHub(  884): Removed device: path=/dev/input/event6 name=mhl-rcp id=8 fd=181 classes=0x9
I/EventHub(  884): Removing device '/dev/input/event6' due to inotify event
I/InputReader(  884): Device removed: id=8, name='mhl-rcp', sources=0x00002103
D/Index   ( 1702): Deleting data for locale 'en_US' took 3 millis
D/Index   ( 1702): Indexing locale 'en_US' took 96 millis
D/UsbHostManager(  884): Added device UsbDevice[mName=/dev/bus/usb/001/002,mVendorId=3034,mProductId=265,mClass=0,mSubclass=0,mProtocol=0,mManufacturerName=Generic,mProductName=USB2.0-CRW,mSerialNumber=20090815198100000,mConfigurations=[
D/UsbHostManager(  884): UsbConfiguration[mId=1,mName=CARD READER,mAttributes=128,mMaxPower=250,mInterfaces=[
D/UsbHostManager(  884): UsbInterface[mId=0,mAlternateSetting=0,mName=null,mClass=8,mSubclass=6,mProtocol=80,mEndpoints=[
D/UsbHostManager(  884): UsbEndpoint[mAddress=1,mAttributes=2,mMaxPacketSize=512,mInterval=0]
D/UsbHostManager(  884): UsbEndpoint[mAddress=130,mAttributes=2,mMaxPacketSize=512,mInterval=0]]]]
W/ContextImpl(  884): Calling a method in the system process without a qualified user:$000:42 
Message 19 of 19
Message 19 of 19

Re: Bugs

  • Playback of embedded videos, (YouTube, vine, twitter...), appear with green and purple hue. Sometimes, but rarely, clicking on video makes video appear properly.
  • Keyboard crashes on swipe