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I can't save my files to my "real" sd card

I bought a 16gb SD card for my Xperia Sola. I've tried to move my files like music,videos,pictures and applications to my sd card but they were only moved to my Internal Memory.. I've tried to move my files by choosing the option "move to sd card" but the files were only moved to the internal memory.. how can i move my files to my "real" SD card?

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Re: I can't save my files to my "real" sd card

For Camera pictures, you can select it by configuring the Camera Settings. Music etc, you can move using a file browser, it will be detected once you start an application for playback. Applications can't be moved to the SD Card and I would recommend keeping them in the built in storage as usually its faster to access built in storage compared to Micro SD Cards (also depends on SD Card speed/class).

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Re: I can't save my files to my "real" sd card

i already downloaded a third party application for transfering files to sd card.. but my problem is that the SD Card that was referred to by my phone is also the internal storage not the "real sd card" .. if i choose the transfer to "SD Card" option, the files will only be copied/moved to the internal storage.. pls help me

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Re: I can't save my files to my "real" sd card

The added 16 GB card mounts as /mnt/ext_card on you Sola. The built-in memory mounts as the normal /mnt/sdcard.

You can use an Android file manager to copy files from one area to another. I use the OI File Manager app.

If you load your non-DRM music, video and photos from a PC, just set the added card as MSC and it will appear as a removable drive letter on your PC. Then just drag and drop your files into folders on this drive.

The QuickPic photo album and MoboPlayer video player apps can be set to look for media files on /mnt/ext_card.

Photos taken with the Sola phone will always go into /mnt/sdcard/DCIM location. Apps themselves cannot be moved to the added card but your media files can go onto your added card.

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Re: I can't save my files to my "real" sd card

unfortunately , this is how the memory partition on Xperia Sola works. you can search the forum for simillar problems