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Xperia Ray Camera Problem...

I've been using xperia ray since early November. For the first time i took pictures from the front camera,it looks fine,so as the back camera.The image quality was the same. however, when i took pictures from the front camera,the pictures are blurry and not clear even though the handphone was stay still.

I also took pictures of the same thing using both front camera and back camera, but it shows different result. Pictures from the back camera was same as as that thing,the colours,texture and everything..but pictures from the front camera showed a very bad quality.I tried to clean both lens in case the camera is dirty or what,but still give no changes...How does this happen?help..
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Re: Xperia Ray Camera Problem...

this is because the front camera is not the same at the back :smileywink:

rear camera is 8mp

and i think front's a vga...

so its normal...

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Re: Xperia Ray Camera Problem...

upstairs is correct! Front camera is only for video chat. VGA camera.

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Re: Xperia Ray Camera Problem...

hi, my model is the Xperia ray ST18i, my phone refuses to take pictures, everytime I open my camera it says "unfortunately camera has stopped". I tried factory resetting my phone but it didn't work.
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Re: Xperia Ray Camera Problem...

I also have similiar problem. When turning on the message CAMERA NOT AVAILABLE apperas.

Any comments or possible solution?

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Re: Xperia Ray Camera Problem...

Try a software repair via sony update service.

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