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Support for games on xperia ray?

Hi ,

I am planning to buy a xperia ray .

However i dont know whether the current games by gamealoft/HD games is supported on
xperia ray.

I wanted to confirm whether all android games can be played on xperia ray.

Please help me out soon .


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Registered: ‎2011-09-08

Re: Support for games on xperia ray?

go to the market on your computer

look for the games, on the right side it should say which android version is supported, for the most part I don't see an issue with compatibility issues, since the ray has android 2.3.4

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Posts: 7,347
Registered: ‎2011-09-08
Community Manager
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Re: Support for games on xperia ray?

It's up to the developer of the game/app, so I think you'll have the best answer by asking the developer (Gameloft) themselves.

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Re: Support for games on xperia ray?

hey even if its written android version..

but still device may or may not be compatible..

i mean i have seen many games which are compatible with xperia play but not with the arc ):