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Ray will get KitKat Update?

I'm think that the post name explains by himself, my question is easy, will xperia ray or 2011 xperia's will get this update?.. cuz i read that kitkat just need 512mb of ram so can we see a light for our phones?

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Re: Ray will get KitKat Update?

No, the last update for the 2011 Xperias was ICS 

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Re: Ray will get KitKat Update?

Sony will never update 2011 Xperia. If you want JB or KitKat just unlock the device and go for KK or JB.. :smileyhappy:

I know old ray can handle 4.1/4.2/4.3 and also 4.4.x.
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Re: Ray will get KitKat Update?

This does not have the Radio. that means you have to sacrifies Radio to install this.