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wifi problems

ok this one needs an answer from sony erricson, for some reason it looks like none of the experia range can use an ad-hoc wirreless connection! why???????? this is absolutly ridiculous, my OLD  C905 can even do it and every bloody other phone i have tried it works no problem no fuss no fideling or any searching to find out why the stupid thing does not work. this should be a standard part of the software should it not? there is no excuse as i say i was able to do it four years ago why not now! i need this sorted out because the phone is worthless if simple things like this dont work, data on a moble network is still very expensive here and when ever posible i want to use my laptop as a conection point for my phone. my bill for data was so rediculous that i actually resorted to using my old phone for a month seeing as you cant even download aps to your pc first and then just move the data to your phone.

PLEASE sony help me here, otherwise i will be changing phones( i-phone, samsungs, motorola all work)

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Re: wifi problems

what no answers?

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Re: wifi problems

I think this actually is more an Android standard then anything. You MIGHT be able to find an application in the Market.

While I look for more information (and share if I can find anything) please share with me links about other Android devices (Motorola, Samsung) that offer this service, so I can pass them on.