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How can i update android 2.3.4 to 4.0

Currently my android v 2.3.4 and Build version 4. How can i update android v4. Android v4 is available now? If it is how can i update? When i updating is it losse my existing data?

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Re: How can i update android 2.3.4 to 4.0

Hello , Search Your calendar and find "end march" , on this date the upgrade to ICS Android 4 will start. Sony Ericsson promised to users upgrade on end march or early april , but now the SE is Sony , and we dont know , when this process will start. Actually the target of SE is   rebranding to SONY , maybe next will start the upgrade to ICS . You mast wait .... wait .... and wait

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Re: How can i update android 2.3.4 to 4.0


the current version you'r using is the latest perhaps from end of this month Sony ericsson will be rolling out there updates for the GOOGLE ICS 4.0 (ice cream sandwich) as they said in the product blog...

here's the link..

you'll get a notification on your mobile satus bar you can use you PC companion to perform the update..unless you repair ypur phone with SUS (sony update service) you won't loose anything....but it will be better to to do the backup for the be secure..

if there are any quarry let me happy

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Re: How can i update android 2.3.4 to 4.0

how to upgrade my SE xperia s15i to android 4.0?

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Re: How can i update android 2.3.4 to 4.0

If you get tired of waiting you can visit Nabeel's excellent guide here:

It explains how to update (or downgrade) your phone software. No need to root or unlock anything.

You will loose all data in the process (except for data on the SD card), but there are programs to backup your phone, so this should not stop you.



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Re: How can i update android 2.3.4 to 4.0

Once, I use to dream of being a proud owner of a sony mobile. That was in my college days and i brought a sony ericcsson cybershot. But unfortunately the mobile was pick pocketed by some one .Thanks for the guy who stole it from me :-) , yes really...because today i am become'n angry, hectic, tensed etc, all because of a Sony ericsson Neo (It's Neo with 8mp cam not the one with 5mp cam).

I was a big fan of sony products even tried to stick to sony whenever i go for other gadgets. All others where my secondary option, if money comes in between the play.Sony ericsson Neo, i brought it through e-bay. I was very much impressed with the looks, sound etc of the phone and more over it's android (I hate android now, coz now i know watz android is :-) ). The problem started after the first month (now it's being 7 months), the wi-fi has stopped working all of a sudden. As like all of you, i checked the forum for a solution because i thought a brand like sony won't have any problem within a month.So i checked the forum, as i believed the fault will be from my side itself like some settings prob or smething like that. But i failed to find a better solution. I saw that ICS will fix all these issue but i've to wait till the release. I thought that i'll wait till it comes out as i dont wanna give it to a service center. Because i loved my mobile and i believed in sony too.

Then after a week the mobile's speaker stopped working, but i can hear the voice if i bring the mobile very near to my ears. As usual, i checked forum and confirmed it's a software issue mostly. yeah, ICS is on the way i'll wait untill then. It's all because of android GB not SONY.....ICS will make me happy, this's wat go'n in my mind....

ICS got released on one fine day. yeah man SONY did it.....i became very happy and proud as well...This's wat makes SONY be'n dfrnt from others bla bla bla.....I started updating the phone and it's got completed....i checked my phone then, the UI looks diffrent and became more user friendly......hey, wat about the issues with wi-fi and, it might be fixed......i checked, but it's still the same..........ok, may be the speaker will work.....forget the wi-fi now, will listen to some track first.....then i realize i got F**** know, i did the same procedure of repairing the phone for 3 or 4 times that day itself.....but the result was very sad.......

at last, I took the fone to a sony service center....the guy took the mobile from me and he checked the computer about something and he came to. he said that it can't be repaired over here because the mobile is not an indian one (an international company is selling different products for different countries, wow.....great should treat your customers like this)....I left the shop with my sony neo.....I bacame a fool, Thanks SONY :-).....

On the way back to home, i was become'n one of them who hates sony brand. Yes, SONY lead me to become one among them. Then i decided that i'll sell this phone as soon as i can and i'll get rid of this mess which is being haunt'n me from past 7 months. Today i.e; 31/JAN/2013, i am go'n to sell it to a retailer....he'll give me INR 5000 which is equal to 93.95 USD, funny rt.....the most funniest thing is that i brought this for INR 18,600 (including shipping charges) which is equal to 348.92 USD....I thought that i'll get atleast 5000 now, may be later i might not get even that.....I am happy, i am sure that this is the right decision and i am too late to take this one.

THANKS SONY for giving me such a wonderful experience but i'll neva allow any of my friends or relatives to know this wonderful experience.


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Re: How can i update android 2.3.4 to 4.0

Hi Vijay. Please be vary about buying from Ebay. Many of my friends got duped by buying fones on ebay. They sell other countrie's fones here, which do not have any kind of waranty support in India. Buying from an authentic place makes a lot of difference in products life. Ebay tempts customers by their rock bottom prices. What the customer does not know is that if any failure happens, he will have to shell out money for repair, as it will not be covered under Indian warranty.

I bought my Neo V from SONY retailer in Aug 2011 for 18K. As of today, it did not have even a single problem (touch wood) & keeps on running. I enquired abt its resale price to & they say they will pay 9k for it if all accesories are given along with fone.