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OTG problem with Xperia Miro

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Registered: ‎2012-11-17

OTG problem with Xperia Miro


I was told by Xperia support that my handset (Xperia Miro) does have OTG support. Later to that I have contacted Xperia support several times and tried several things to use a working OTG cable to connect a usb stick / pen drive / mouse to my handset, but it is not even detecting the device. I do not get any notification nor an error when I try to connect a usb device to my phone via a working OTG cable.

As told by the Xperia support team, I have tried all the following things...

- Reboot several times

- Doing a Settings Reset

- Doing a Factory Reset

- Doing software repair from PC Companion

- Doing software update from PC Companion

- Removing SD Card and also checked along with an SD card

- Trying to connect a usb pen / flash drive WITHOUT an LED indicator

I tried all the above things along with a reboot and still it seems the phone is not detecting the OTG cable.

Please Note: I am using an OTG cable that already works on other Xperia phones so the OTG cable is not faulty.

Please provide me a favorable solution which could STOP my round trips to Xperia suport on this issue!!

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Re: OTG problem with Xperia Miro

I'm sorry to hear this and that you have been told that the Xperia miro supports USB OTG. It doesn't. I suggest that you contact your local support team to raise this. You can refer to this post by me if you like.

I'm sorry that you have been given the wrong information.

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is there any way to get OTG feature on xperia miro???

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Registered: ‎2014-04-04

Re: OTG problem with Xperia Miro

Hi.! Help me here, does SONY XPERIA TIPO DUAL support USB OTG.??? I'm looking forward to purchase the cable but want to make sure it"ll worked..